When it comes to sealing fluids, gases, and media at medium temperatures and pressures, Alapin Flange Gaskets take the lead. These gaskets are your go-to choice for their versatility, affordability, and remarkable performance. Here's why Alapin Gaskets could be the solution for your sealing needs:

Exceptional Compatibility

Alapin Flange Gaskets boast remarkable compatibility with a wide range of substances, including oils, hydrocarbons, lubricants, fuels, water, and steam. Whether you're dealing with everyday liquids or challenging media, these gaskets have you covered.

Alapin Ring GasketsHigh-Temperature Resilience 

Need to seal steam at up to 255°C or other fluids at temperatures reaching 340°C? Alapin Flange Gaskets can handle it.

Their ability to endure extreme temperatures ensures reliable performance in various applications.

Tailored for Australian Needs

Alapin Gaskets are precision-cut in our Australian facilities and we ensure they are made to suit the requirements of whichever flange specification your order them too.

This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a perfect fit for your specific flange configuration.

Full-Face or Ring Face (aka Raised Face) Gaskets Available

We can produce Alapin Gaskets to suit your needs. Sometimes a specific application demands Full Face or Ring Face Gaskets. Other times it is a preference. Either way we can manufacture to suit your requirements.

Alapin Gasket Material

Alapin is a top-quality, industrial-grade compressed non-asbestos fibre (CNAF) gasket material. It combines mineral fibres with genuine DuPont Kevlar Aramid Fibres, bonded together with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). The result is a gasket sheet with outstanding flexibility, compressibility, sealing performance, and recovery.

Temperature Resistance

Alapin's temperature resistance depends on factors like pressure and the sealed media.

Generally, it can handle continuous temperatures of up to 340°C for non-steam applications, with short-term peaks of 375°C.

For sealing steam, it reliably performs up to 255°C.

Chemical Compatibility 

Alapin Industrial Gasket Material is compatible with a wide range of substances, including water, steam, oils, fuels, kerosene, salt solutions, natural gas, lubricants, refrigerants, and moderate organic and inorganic acids. Its versatility ensures it suits diverse applications.

Alapin Full Face GasketsMedium Sealing Pressures

Alapin can handle a maximum operating pressure of 12 MPa, up to about 170°C (with reduced capacity at higher temperatures). Refer to the Alapin pT Diagram for specific pressure-temperature guidelines.

Excellent Sealing Characteristics 

Alapin exhibits exceptional sealing traits, including a density of 2 g/cm³, compressibility of 10% (ASTM F 36), recovery of 55% (ASTM F 36), and more. It maintains its integrity even when exposed to various substances, making it a reliable choice.

Choose Alapin Flange Gaskets for their compatibility, temperature resistance, and sealing excellence. They are your trusted partner for dependable sealing solutions in diverse applications. For more technical details, refer to our Alapin Gasket Material Technical Data Sheet.

Our Online Range of Alapin CNAF Flange Gaskets

Here at Swift, we are pleased to offer Australia's largest range of flange gaskets available to buy online.

We've taken the time to list all these sizes not just to save you time with phone calls or emails; but to allow you to estimate your project cost accurately too.

The Alapin gasket range on our website is massive and includes every single standard gasket between 15NB and 600NB for BS 3063, ANSI and AS 2129 Flanges

Custom Cut Alapin Gaskets

Swift Supplies are pleased to offer a full range of custom made Alapin Fibre Gaskets to suit any flange size. Using our extensive fabrication facilities, we can precisely cut these quality CNAF gaskets to suit your needs.

We haven't worked out how to list custom gaskets on our website yet though so for assistance with these, please do contact us.