The build plate of a 3D printer is one of the most significant factors of any 3D printer.  That is why our Isoval 11, G11 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet makes the perfect printer bed for a 3D printer. 

Excellent Temperature Resistance - To avoid warping and increase adhesion for the first layer, you can warm your print bed prior to printing. Our Isoval G11 Fibreglass sheet is capable of withstanding maximum operating temps of 180ºC long term.  

Layers of Fibreglass Reinforcement - This material is manufactured from heat resistant epoxy resin, which is used to laminate layer upon layer of fibreglass. The result is a rigid, high strength sheet that can be cut or machined accurately and exhibits excellent electrical & thermal properties. A rigid and durable print bed is desired for best results.  

Providing a Flat and Smooth Surface - When selecting your print bed material, ideally you want something that the melted filament will have an initial adhesion to. This will prevent the model from moving mid-print and leading to print failure.  

A quote from a customer who has used our Isoval 11, G11 Epoxy Fibreglass for a print bed for his 3D Printer - ”They are unbeatable and far superior to the ones supplied with commercial printers”. 

We supply our Isoval 11, G11 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet in thicknesses between 0.2mm - 100mm. 

We list a variety of sheet sizes and also custom cut this material. For a quote please contact us on

or (07) 3180 8824.  

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