Detecting the presence of barnacles and their subsequent removal is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of a boat. Signs of barnacle infestation include increased vibration during travel, decreased speed through the water, and higher fuel consumption for the same distance travelled. It is something boat owners and operators must pay attention to prevent costly and avoidable issues. If you don’t want to look at your propeller – take that as a sign that it has been too long and take action to prevent this issue in the future!

Introducing Weicon Zinc Spray - Bright Grade, the ultimate solution for long- lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Made with 99.9% pure microfine zinc flakes, this exceptional spray forms an impenetrable layer on any surface, ensuring unmatched resistance to even the harshest weather conditions.

  Tested in the rigorous ISO 9227 Salt Spray Test, Weicon Zinc Spray proved its    worth by providing over 550 hours of impeccable protection. Its bright grade  formulation dries in just 15 minutes, becoming fully hardened within 12 hours.

 While no top coating is required, this versatile spray allows for post-application     painting, provided you wait a minimum of 24 hours. In addition, its bright zinc     coating  boasts exceptional resistance to abrasion, making it the ideal choice for     marine applications.

Experience unrivalled performance and durability with Weicon Zinc Spray, ensuring  your structures, equipment, and vessels remain safeguarded for years to come.

 How Weicon Zinc Spray helps prevent barnacle growth: Zinc is an active metal that undergoes galvanic   corrosion when exposed to saltwater. When a zinc coating is applied to a surface, it acts as a sacrificial anode,   attracting electrical currents and diverting them away from the protected metal surface. This process helps to   prevent the attachment and growth of barnacles.

Barnacles are organisms that attach themselves to surfaces using adhesive substances like byssal threads. The zinc coating releases metal ions into the water, which can be toxic to barnacles, preventing their settlement and growth.

Zinc spray creates a smooth surface that makes it difficult for barnacles to attach and anchor themselves. The smoothness of the coating reduces the spaces and irregularities where barnacles typically find a foothold. 

Zinc prevents the development of microorganisms that barnacles feed on, further inhibiting their growth.

Preparation of the Surface

Before using Weicon Zinc Spray – Bright Grade, ensure that the propeller to which this spray will be applied is clean and completely free of grease or other contaminants (we suggest Weicon Cleaner S for this task). If you decide to use a primer, Weicon Zinc Spray (standard colour) is suggested.

Applying the Zinc Spray

Shake can until the mixing ball can be heard clearly. Spray on Zinc Spray evenly and crosswise at room temperature (20ºC approx.) from a distance of about 25cm from the surface. Zinc Spray – Bright Grade will be dust dry after approximately 15 minutes and should be fully hardened in about 10-12 hours depending on environmental conditions. - Highlight the importance of proper surface preparation before applying the spray.

With its durable formulation, Weicon Zinc Spray creates a protective barrier on metal surfaces, effectively preventing corrosion and rust from occurring. Thus, it prolongs the lifespan of your marine equipment, saving you the hassle and expense of frequent repairs or replacements.

Weicon Zinc Spray offers excellent adhesion and coverage. Its easy application provides a uniform and smooth zinc coating, ensuring comprehensive protection to every area.

These factors lead to smoother sailing, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs.