Kevlar Pulp

A high-performance fibre that is used to fill, reinforce and modify all kinds of epoxies, resins, adhesives & sealants. DuPont Kevlar Pulp provides enhanced abrasion resistance, strength and more.

From $328.18

Nomex 410 Insulation Paper

Manufactured by DuPont and trusted by numerous industries for over 50 years. Nomex 410 Insulation Paper offers exceptional electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses.

From $10.30

Nomex 410 Insulation Paper Cut Sheets

Perfect for smaller scale electrical repairs and manufacturing work. We are pleased to offer DuPont Nomex 410 Electrical Insulation Paper in pre-cut sheets. Available in the full range of thicknesses with no minimum order quantities.

From $2.08

Nomex 411 Insulation Paper

An uncalendered version of Nomex 410. Nomex Type 11 Insulation Paper has enhanced impregnability and saturability which makes it a good candidate for casting applications and use in turn and layer insulation.

From $13.07