Isoval 11 - G11 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet

A strong, tough and highly machinable board that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C. Isoval 11 has excellent electrical insulation properties and is available in a huge range of thicknesses.

From $9.26

NMN Insulation Paper (Nomex Mylar Nomex)

A high quality, composite electrical insulation material consisting of Nomex and PET Film. NMN Insulation Paper is tough, flexible and suitable for use in applications to 155°C. Available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses.

From $21.50

Varnished Glass Cloth - Deglas FG 2949

Flexible, strong electrical insulation material made from woven fibreglass cloth coated with a polyester resin varnish. Our Varnished Glass Cloth is a high quality grade suitable for use in up to Class H. Available by the metre.

From $46.36