Irish Refrasil Cloth

A premium-grade heat resistant fabric for the most demanding of environments. Irish Refrasil is a silica cloth that has been specially treated to raise its maximum temperature rating to 1,260°C. Available in two thicknesses.

From $162.12

Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth AR100

Available in 0.8mm & 1.5mm thick, Abrasion Resistant Refrasil Cloth withstands temperatures up to 982°C. This tough, long lasting thermal insulation material is very long lasting, easy to work with and versatile.

From $80.50

Refrasil Rope - High Temperature Silica Braided Cord

A high-density heat resistant rope used for making door seals and gaskets in applications up to 982°C. Refrasil Rope is extremely durable, strong and very easy to handle. It’s available by the metre in a selection of sizes.

From $28.50

Refrasil Sleeving - High Temperature Silica Sleeve

Flexible, easy to install and long lasting. Refrasil Silica Sleeving will withstand 982°C (1,800°F). Perfect for protecting cables, hoses and pipes in high heat applications. Available by the metre in two styles and a selection of sizes.

From $40.33

Refrasil Tape

Designed for continuous service in applications up to 982°C (1800°F). Refrasil Tapes are industrial grade heat insulation tapes for the most demanding of applications. Available in a selection of sizes; all by the metre.

From $28.46