C4430 Gasket Material - 0.4mm Thick x 1500mm x 2000mm

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  • Premium quality compressed, non-asbestos fibre gasket material.
  • Universal style of gasket sheet with outstanding stress retention and resistance to hot water and steam.
  • Very good compatibility with oils, fuels, alcohols, moderate acids, hydrocarbons, lubricants and more.
  • Can be cut accurately to make your own gaskets, washers and seals.

Klingersil C4430 Gasket Material is a high-performance grade of versatile gasket fibre widely used in many industries and sealing applications. This compressed, non-asbestos fibre gasket (CNAF) exhibits very good stress retention for long lasting seal performance.

C4430 is available in a large selection of thicknesses and sheet sizes. It is manufactured from a combination of synthetic and glass fibres which are bound with a NBR (nitrile-butadiene rubber) binder. This is then finished with a non-stick coating. The result is a versatile gasket sheet with very good chemical resistance, temperature tolerance and pressure resistance.

This grade is perhaps the most popular of the wide-ranging Klinger gasket sheet selection largely due to this versatility and reliable, high-grade sealing performance.

Maximum operating temperature and pressure are highly dependent on one another, and the medium being sealed. That said, a rough guideline for this material is:

Temperature: +200°C Continuous / +400°C Maximum for very short periods.

Pressure: 100 BAR

We really do suggest utilising the attached C4430 Data Sheet though as this includes pT diagrams showing the inter-relationship between maximum pressure and temperature.

Klingersil C4430 can withstand a wide variety of different chemicals and has been certified in accordance with a number of worldwide standards. These include:

  • Fire safe according to BS 5146.
  • BAM approval in accordance with UVV 28, oxygen( VGB 62) tested up to 100 bar and 85°C.
  • Approved for gas supply in accordance with DIN 3535/6. DIN - DVGW permit NG 5123AN0418.
  • Potable Water approval in accordance with WRc and AS4020.
  • TA Luft (Clean air) approval, tested in accordance with VDI 2440 at 250°C.

For more information on the various certifications and approvals bequeathed on this gasket sheet please refer to the attached C4430 Data Sheet for a full and comprehensive listing.

C4430 Chemical Resistance.

The full list of chemicals that C4430 Gasket Material can or cannot seal is incredibly long and detailed. The list below is presented as a summary only. For more information on a specific medias’ compatibility please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

In general, C4430 is compatible with…

  • Water.
  • Steam.
  • Oils.
  • Gases.
  • Fuels.
  • Alcohols.
  • Moderate organic and inorganic acids.
  • Hydrocarbons.
  • Lubricants.
  • Refrigerants.

How to Buy Klingersil C4430 Gasket Material Online.

This page lists our range of full sheets of C4430 Gasket Material. Our online store also has this quality gasket sheet in a number of other sheet sizes; links to each are included at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these standard sizes, we are also able to provide custom cut sheets, gaskets & seals made from C-4430 gasket material. To enquire about a specific size, please do contact us.

Colour Green One Side, White One Side  
Compressibility (ASTM F 36 J) 9%  
Recovery (ASTM F 36 J) 50% Minimum
Stress Relaxation
(DIN 52913)
39 MPa
35 MPa
50 MPa, 16 hours / 175°C
50 MPa, 16 hours / 300°C
Stress Relaxation (BS 7531) 31 MPa 40 MPa, 16 hours / 300°C
Klinger Cold / Hot Compression
(50 MPa)
Thickness Decrease at 23°C
Thickness Decrease at 300°C
Tightness According to DIN 3535/6 <0.1 mg/s x m  
Tightness Class L 0.1 DIN 28090-1
Specific Leakrate ? 2,13E-05 mbar x l/s x m VDI 2440
Cold Compression 6 - 10% DIN 28091-2
Cold Recovery 2 - 4% DIN 28091-2
Hot Compression 7% DIN 28091-2
Hot Recovery 1% DIN 28091-2
Spring Back R 0.019mm DIN 28091-2
Density 1.75 g/cm³  
Average Surface Resistance ? 4.1x10E13 R0A
Average Specific Volume Resistance ? cm 4.5x10E12  
Average Dielectric Strength 21.3 kV/mm  
Average Power Factor 0.02 tan ? 1 kHz, ca. 2mm thickness
Average Dielectric Coefficient 6.4 ?r  
Thermal Conductivity 0.42 W/mK  
Thickness Increase After Fluid Immersion (ASTM F 146)
Oil 3% JRM 903, 5 Hours at 150°C
Fuel B 5% 5 Hours at 23°C
ASME Code Sealing Factors
For 2mm Thick Gaskets Y = 25
M = 5
Tightness Class 0.1 mg / s x m

For more technical information, please refer to our Klingersil C4430 Technical Data Sheet.


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Technical Data Sheet.

C4430 Gasket Material Data Sheet        

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