Dual Wall, Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube Kit 6 Pieces x 300mm, Red & Black

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  • 6 Piece Kit with 3mm, 4.8mm & 6mm Dual Wall Heat Shrink in 300mm Lengths.
  • Glue lined heat shrink with a high, 3:1 shrink ratio.
  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing and excellent for sealing and insulation electrical connections.
  • Made from high quality heat shrink tube with good mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics.

Our Dual Wall Heat Shrink Red & Black Kit is ideal for automotive, electronics, marine and DIY work. This handy kit contains 6 lengths of dual wall, adhesive lined heat shrink tube in 3 different sizes. This heat shrink has a high, 3:1 shrink ratio and a layer of hot melt adhesive on the inner wall.

Dual Wall Adhesive Heat Shrink is ideal for creating a waterproof barrier and environmental seal for cable joints and terminations. It is also often used as an alternative to cable breakouts or moulded parts.

Having the three size on hand is great for when unexpected work needs to be done and the two colours allow you to easily colour code your cables and wires. The specific sizes are detailed below:

Benefits and Characteristics of our Dual Wall, Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tube.

This kit is made up from high quality, industrial grade heat shrink which has a number of benefits. These include:

Large Shrink Ratio.

Having a 3:1 shrink ratio is ideal for creating a good, water-tight barrier around irregular connections and terminations. It also enables you to seal and insulate around the connection to a lug or link barrel with ease.

Flame Retardant and Self-Extinguishing.

Our Dual Wall Heat Shrink is both self-extinguishing and flame retardant. It has been tested for flammability in accordance with UL 224 VW1.

Excellent Environmental Protection and Resistance.

Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube has very good chemical resistance, resists copper corrosion and is also UV stabilised for long-term performance outdoors. This type of insulation tube has a low water absorption rate of 0.15%.

This grade of heat shrink also has excellent temperature resistance. Tested in accordance with IEC requirements, our Dual Wall Heat Shrink has a continuous operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. This ensures in remains flexible in low temperatures whilst simultaneously withstanding elevated heat environments.

Good Electrical Properties and Mechanical Strength.

Dual Wall Heat Shrink has a dielectric strength rating of >15kV/mm. It also has good tensile strength and elongation characteristics. In general, it’s a tough, resilient insulation that will provide excellent insulation and mechanical protection for cable joins and connections.

Red & Black Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Kit Contents.

Sleeving ID
(As Supplied)
Sleeving ID
(After Shrinking)
Total Qty Colours
3mm Ø 1mm Ø 2 Black, Red
4.8mm Ø 1.6mm Ø 2 Black, Red
6mm Ø 2mm Ø 2 Black, Red

Popular Applications for Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube.

  • Waterproof sealing of electrical connections in the automotive and marine industries.
  • Insulating and sealing RF cable joins and terminations.
  • For colour coding cables and cable ends.
  • Insulating and sealing around lug and palm link connections.
  • Strain relief for terminations.
  • As an alternative to moulded parts.
  • For cable breakouts.
Shrink Ratio 3 : 1
Continuous Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C (IEC216) (Outer Wall)
Low Temperature Flexibility -55°C (ASTM D2671)
Heat Shock, 250°C for 4 Hours No Dripping, Cracking or Flowing (Outer Wall)
Flammability 3 (Outer Wall) (UL224 VW1)
Dielectric Strength >15 kV/mm (ASTM D2671)
Dielectric Constant 3.0 Max (ASTM D150)
Volume Resistance 1014 Ohm/cm (ASTM D257)
Tensile Strength 12 N/mm² (ASTM D638)
Elongation 300% (ASTM D638)
Longitudinal Change  ±5% (ASTM D638)
Specific Gravity 1.4 (ASTM D792)
Fungus Resistance Inert (MIL-1-7444)
Copper Corrosion Good (Resistant) (ASTM D2671-B)
Chemical Resistance Good
Meets ROHS Requirements Yes
SKU SWM000398B01V0001
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