This list provides answers on some of the more frequent queries we hear. We’ll keep updating it as more questions are asked and if any of the answers change. 

Two quick additional things:

  1. These questions do not deal with product specific queries as these are listed and answered on each of our product pages. 
  2. If you can’t find the answer (or question) you’re looking for here please do contact us. This list was possible because of all the wonderful people who took the time to get in touch and we appreciate that. We’d love to help with your query and maybe be able to then update this list so there’s yet another question answered.

Prices and Payment

Yes. All our prices include GST.
Cable ties. Everyone needs them from time to time and they’re one of those things that are good to have on hand when that time comes. Plus, they start at cents per pack of 25 so they’re a great way to pad your order total to get free freight.
Visa, MasterCard and Paypal are all supported on our site. We can also accept payment via direct deposit or invoice through Paypal. For more information on these, please see our How to Shop with Swift page.
Yes. Our entire website uses HTTPS encryption and our payment gateways (PayPal and NAB (National Australia Bank)) were chosen, in part, because of their solid reputations for security. We will always do everything we can to ensure all of your details are kept secure.


At the moment, Australia. We do hope to expand this in the future though.
This depends largely on where it is being delivered to. An estimated travel time will be presented at the checkout page and can also be generated by calculating shipping on any product page. Please do note though that this quoted time is for the shipping only. Though we usually dispatch the same or next business day, some products do need to be cut so there could be an additional 2-3 days for this. When this is the case, we say so on the product page. Another thing to note, when we quote shipping here, we quote worst case. Generally, we’ll get you your goods faster than the quoted time.
Air freight is always a possibility for urgent orders yes, though depending on the item/size/weight there may be an additional charge. If you definitely need your delivery by a specific date and our quoted shipping time is a little too long to wait, please let us know. We’ll do everything possible to assist.
This varies depending on size, delivery location and the nature of the goods. Toll Priority, Startrack, Australia Post, TNT and Couriers Please are all regulars but the exact one will vary depending on the order.
This depends. We’re lucky enough to have the ability to ship from multiple locations, so we can pick the one that will get you your order the fastest. These are spread between Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.


Yes, for a little while and as long as you access our site from the same computer with cookies enabled. The best way to ensure your cart is saved though is to create an account and add products to your wish list instead. That way they’ll definitely be saved and they’ll also be available on different devices as long as you login to your account.
We populate these based on the questions we’re often asked. If you would like a specific question answered though, please contact us. We’ll be sure to get back to you promptly and, likely once we’ve heard the same question a few times, your question will then end up as one we address on that products list of FAQ’s.
That would be great. We really like hearing how our products are performing and, good or bad, reviews are a great source of information for us. They also help other people make good decisions. To review one of our products, click on the reviews tab on the product page.