Fibreglass Square Packing - 6mm² (Per Metre)

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  • Heat resistant packing for door seals and insulation.
  • High tensile strength and low thermal conductivity.
  • Dense, braided construction for long term performance.

Our Fibreglass Square Packing is a high temperature insulation material often used for door seals on furnaces, ovens and boilers. Sometimes referred to as Square Rope, Fibreglass Packing is manufactured from continuous filament e-glass yarns using a specialised braiding process.

The result is a tough, strong packing material that can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 500°C.

This insulation packing is non-flammable and has excellent chemical resistance. It also has excellent dimensional stability. It won’t stretch or shrink and retains this stability even at high temperatures.

Please Note: This packing contains no lubrication and is usually not employed for stuffing box sealing.

Common Applications for Fibreglass Packing.

  • Door seals for industrial boilers.
  • Sealing doors and viewing panels on coal stoves.
  • High temperature gaskets for pellet and gas stoves.
  • Chimney stack insulation.
  • Insulation on oven doors.
  • Heat resistant seals, gaskets and insulation for furnaces and fireplaces.
  • Insulation for pollution control equipment.
  • As a compressible sealing core in various types of fabricated insulation components.
SKU SWM000463B01
Brand HeatProtect

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