FingerSaver Compact

Hands-Off Safety Tool for Finger Protection.

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The smallest, lightest version of our FingerSaver, a specially developed to keep them out of harm’s way when working with flogging spanners, hydraulic torque equipment or impact wrenches

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  • High quality safety tool to protect fingers when working with flogging spanners, impact wrenches and hydraulic torque equipment
  • Easy to use so it doesn’t slow down workers and long lasting as it is made from high strength materials
  • Available in three different sizes for one or two-person use

A Fingersaver is a high quality safety tool that allows you to keep your fingers away from danger when working. When working with flogging spanners, impact wrenches or hydraulic torque equipment it keeps your fingers well away and therefore eliminates risk. It does this by letting you secure the work tool to one end of the safety tool, fasten it, and control it with the other.

The end of the Fingersaver can be held by you, or it can be held in position by a colleague or work mate to further reduce the risk of injury and allow you to focus on the tensioning. This is a very easy to use product that significantly increases safety without slowing down jobs or being so cumbersome that its use is avoided.

Manufactured in the UK from high quality materials, the Fingersaver is tough and long lasting. Its orange plastic shell is made from high strength moulded plastic while the black strap you can see in the photos is made from seat belt grade material. The rubber tensioner is also manufactured from high grade compounds which helps ensures effective, long lasting performance even in the face of repeated and demanding tensioning work.

Though relatively new to Australia, the Fingersaver has seen widespread adoption in a variety of industries due to their demonstrable impact on safety and ease of use. They are used in the oil & gas, mining, engineering, power generation and general maintenance sectors though they could conceivably be of interest to anyone looking to protect their fingers from catastrophic injury while working with flogging spanners, hydraulic tensioners or impact wrenches.

Fingersavers are available from Swift Supplies in three different sizes:
  • Compact – 295mm Long and designed for one person use. Weight: 164gm
  • Standard – 375mm long for one person operation. 200gm
  • Large – 850mm Long and designed for two person operation. 650gm


Are other colours of Fingersaver available?

No. The Fingersaver is only manufactured in this one colour scheme.

How do I use it?

Using the Fingersaver is quite simple:

1 Inspect the tool. Pay particular attention to cracks or excessive wear on the strap end of the plastic outer shell that may have been caused by hammer strikes. Also inspect the strap for tearing and the rubber tensioner for signs of cracking. From time to time, it is also important to inspect the steel clip which connects the rubber tensioner to the strap. This lives inside the plastic casing but can be seen by pulling on the strap (with the rubber tensioner loose).

2 Attach the spanner or wrench to the Fingersaver by looping the strap around the handle.

3 Pull on the rubber tensioner and secure over in place.

That’s it. To liberate the tool, release the rubber tensioner. Just make sure you have a grip on the tool before doing so to prevent it from dropping.

Can I buy replacement parts?

No. Repairs to the Fingersaver are not recommended in any situation so replacement parts are not manufactured. Breaking down the FingerSaver could potentially compromise its performance. On this subject, the manufacturer states

“The FngerSaver design does not currently allow suitable or safe assembly of replacement internal parts, as the whole internal element is assembled and pressed in one movement to its correct working position on an assembly jig. Once loaded the internal retention washer that sets the correct working tension of the tension strap is designed to lock itself in position permanently.

Whilst it is possible to remove a tension strap through the retention washer it is not recommended as excessive and unsafe force is required and we do not want a safety device becoming a potential source of injury. Additionally the force required will weaken and damage a replacement tension strap fitted this way.”

FingerSaver Compact: 295mm Long / 164gm's - Recently released design and ideal for tool boxes.

FingerSaver Standard: 375mm Long / 200gm's

FingerSaver Large: 850mm Long / 650gm's

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