Motor Terminal Block KM4

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  • High quality 6 stud terminal blocks made from a flame-retardant base.
  • 160°C Rated, UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant with a working voltage of 660 volts (BS 2618).
  • Studs made from mild steel that has been zinc plated and yellow chromate passivated.
  • Supplied with 12 nuts, 12 washers and 3 bridge links.

KM Series Terminal Blocks are widely used on low to medium voltage electric motors.

We are pleased to offer these essential electrical components in a selection of sizes; all available for fast dispatch and delivery nation-wide.

Our KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks are stocked in 5 different configurations. The sizing chart below provides the full dimensions for each. This is then followed with more information on the electrical properties of each model as well as more information on the shared characteristics of all the sizes.

Electrical Properties of Different Terminal Block Models.

Model # Max. Tightening Torque Max. Cable Shoe Size Breakdown Terminal to Terminal* Breakdown Terminal to Earth Link Current Rating
KM4 2.0 N/m 6mm² 12 kV 8 kV 16 amps
KM5 4.0 N/m 16mm² 14 kV 8 kV 25 amps
KM6 6.8 N/m 35mm² 16.8 kV 11 kV 60 amps
KM8 16.5 N/m 70mm² 18.4 kV 13 kV 100 amps
KM10 32.8 N/m 120mm² 22 kV 14 kV 160 amps

*Breakdown voltage using a 50Hz supply.

Shared Properties of our KM Series Motor Terminal Blocks.

Base Material Flame Retardant Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (Polyester-Glass Laminate)
Flame Retardant Rating UL 94 V-0
Colour Grey
Oxygen Index 30% (BS 2782 method 141 & ISO 4589)
Stud Material Mild steel, zinc plated & yellow chromate.
Number of Studs 6
Thread Isometrix Medium Fit Coarse Thread Class 6H / 6G
CTI >600 Volts (BS 5901 & IEC 112)
Working Voltage (Ue) 660 Volts (BS 2618)

KM Series Terminal Blocks Sizing.

Model # A B C D E F Hole Size H J Thread Size
KM4 20mm 54mm 34mm 5mm 16mm 29mm 5.5mm Ø 20mm 10mm M4
KM5 23mm 64mm 40mm 5mm 18mm 31mm 5.5mm Ø 23mm 10mm M5
KM6 28mm 78mm 48mm 6mm 23mm 39mm 6.6mm Ø 28mm 11mm M6
KM8 35mm 96mm 60mm 8mm 28mm 46mm 9mm Ø 35mm 15mm M8
KM10 45mm 120mm 75mm 10mm 34mm 56mm 11mm Ø 45mm 18mm M10
KM12 55mm 150mm 95mm 16mm 40mm 65mm 11.5mm Ø 55mm 19mm M12
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