Gore GR Expanded PTFE Gasket Sheet - 0.5mm Thick x 1500mm x 1500mm

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  • Premium grade expanded PTFE gasket material.
  • Excellent resistance to creep and cold flow with exceptional chemical resistance.
  • Manufactured from 100% PTFE, available in a selection of sizes.
  • Very good temperature and pressure resistance.

Gore® Goretex GR Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket Material is trusted around the world for demanding sealing applications. Manufactured by Gore, GR Sheet Gasket is made using a proprietary, patented method that results in an ePTFE sheet with the highest degree of expansion possible.

Gore GR ePTFE Sheet exhibits superior tensile strength and greater stability than any other PTFE based gasket. Since it is chemically resistant and suitable for use in a variety of temperatures and pressures, this quality gasket material is used in many different industries around the world. Some of its main features include:

Gore-Tex GR ePTFE - Superior Resistance to Creep and Cold Flow Test Data
Superior Resistance to Creep and Cold Flow

Superior Resistance to Creep and Cold Flow.

Historically, one of the pitfalls of using an expanded PTFE (ePTFE) gasket material has been their tendency to exhibit creep and cold flow. This led to frequent retorque requirements and less than ideal sealing lifetime. Gore-Tex GR eliminates this issue with its excellent tensile strength and greater dimensional stability in both thickness and width. This leads to several benefits, including:

  • The maintenance of a greater percentage of bolt load in operation which provides a more reliable seal, especially in thermal cycling and higher temperature conditions.
  • Avoiding gasket intrusion into the pipe bore (which can negatively impact processing) since the width of the material has superior stability.
  • Providing a larger window for blowout safety. Increasing process up-time and reducing maintenance costs associated with gasket re-torque and replacement.

Soft and Conformable for Sealing Irregular Flanges.

Gaskets and seals made from Gore GR Sheet Gasket are highly compressible and conformable. This allows them to compress and seal irregular sealing surfaces to create a tight, long-lasting seal.

This factor also makes Gore GR Gasket Material an excellent choice for sealing glass lined or plastic flanges as it requires less bolt load to affect a seal than most other types of fibre or PTFE based gasket sheets.

Gore-Tex GR ePTFE - Exceptionally Reliable Sealing Performance Temperature Sealing Test Data
Exceptionally Reliable Sealing Performance

Excellent Temperature Resistance.

Since it is made from 100% expanded PTFE, Gore GR ePTFE Gasket Material offered very good resistance to temperatures. It can be used in applications with continuous operating temperatures between -60°C and +230°C.

It has also been known to be utilised successfully outside this range and has a demonstrated capability to withstand temperatures as low as -269°C and as high as 315°C. These are considered absolute maximum limits though and using the material past the typical use operating range (-60°C to +230°C) is only suggested after an application specific engineering design calculation is conducted.

Exceptional Chemical Compatibility.

ePTFE Gasket Materials are most commonly used for chemical processing applications. Gore GR Gasket Sheet is no exception and is widely used for sealing tanks, pipes and equipment that process or hold highly aggressive chemicals or media.

Gore GR Gasket Sheet has excellent chemical resistance to all media across the entire 0-14 pH range. It is often used for sealing strong alkalis, acids or solvents and provides a long lasting, durable sealing solution. Exceptions are molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine.

High Tensile Strength with Good Pressure Resistance.

Manufactured using a patented, proprietary method, Gore GR Gasket Sheet has excellent, multidirectional, tensile strength. This allows it to be used for sealing processes across a wide range of operating pressures.

Typical Use Pressure Rating.
Full Industrial Vacuum1 to 40 bar.

Maximum Use Pressure Rating.
Full Vacuum to 210 bar.

1Absolute pressure of 1 mmHg(Torr) = 133 Pa = 1.33 mbar = 0.019 psi.

Similarly to temperature ratings, the maximum pressure ratings listed here are considered absolute maximum limits though and using the material past the typical use operating range is only suggested after an application specific engineering design calculation is conducted.

Exceptionally Reliable Sealing Performance.

Crush-resistance tests show GORE GR Sheet Gasketing excels at withstanding the extreme conditions of industrial flange sealing. It delivers a wider safety margin of seal reliability, both at installation and in operation at elevated temperatures.

Numerous Accreditations and Approvals.

Gore-Tex GR Gasket Sheet is used for sealing and gaskets in all kinds of industries around the world. It continues to be one of the most trusted names in gasket materials and has been subjected to numerous tests and accreditation processes. Some of the resulting certifications include:

  • Marine and Offshore Applications Certificate for GORE® GR Sheet Gasketing.
  • TA Luft.
  • Oxygen Service (BAM).
  • Chlorine Service.
  • Leachable Fluoride and Chloride.
  • Blowout VDI2200.

More information on all of these, along with further information on safety, installation methods, material comparisons, torque guides, test data and more is available on the Gore website.

Gore & Gore-Tex are both registered trademarks of W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Gore-Tex GR ePTFE - Patented Manufacturing Method
Gore-Tex GR ePTFE - Greater Consistency in Sealing Performance

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