Gylon Style 3504 (Blue Gylon) - 1.5mm Thick x 1500mm x 1500mm

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  • Manufactured from PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres.
  • High performance gasket material that withstands a wide range of chemicals and media.
  • Provides a good, tight seal with reduced creep relaxation for lower product loss and emissions over a long service life.

Gylon® Style 3504 is a very high performance gasket fibre sheet made from PTFE with aluminosilicate microspheres. Often referred to as Blue Gylon, this quality gasket material is widely used for sealing in demanding conditions. It has excellent physical attributes that lead to long term performance and wide ranging chemical resistance and compatibility.

Manufactured by Garlock, Gylon 3504 is available from Swift Supplies in a range of sheet sizes (in addition to this particular one). The link on the right will take you to the category page to browse all our standard Blue Gylon sheets. Gaskets made from Gylon 3504 are also available.

The following sections provide an overview of the premium gasket materials capabilities, specifications and attributes. More information is included on the attached Gylon 3504 data sheet.

Gylon 3504 Temperature & Pressure Ratings.

Gylon Style 3504 has a maximum pressure rating of 800 psig, or 55 bar. It can also handle applications across a wide range of temperatures with a minimum of -268°C and a maximum of +260°C.

Like all gasket materials, maximum operating pressure and temperature and related. The closer the application temperature is to the maximum, the lower the maximum pressure rating. For more information on the relationship between these two factors, please refer to the Garlock Gylon Style 3504 Technical Data Sheet.

Blue Gylon Chemical Resistance.

One of the main applications for Gylon 3504 is sealing aggressive and corrosive media. Since it is based on PTFE, Gylon 3504 exhibits excellent chemical resistance and is able to withstand attack from a range of difference chemical types.

Amongst others, Gylon 3504 is compatible with moderate concentrations of acids, some caustics, hydrocarbons, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, refrigerants and cryogenics.

Gylon 3504 Approvals & Certifications.

This quality gasket material is used in some of the most demanding sealing applications around the world. Consequently, it has been tested and approved by several international organisations. These include:

  • ABS – American Bureau of Shipping.
  • FDA – American Food & Drug Administration
  • Style 3500 meets FDA 21CFR177.1550.
  • USP – United States Pharmacopeia.

Gylon® is a registered trademark of Garlock.

Colour Blue
Composition PTFE with Aluminosilcate Microspheres.
General Fluid Compatability Moderate concentrations of acids, some casutics, hydrocarbons, 
solvents, hydrogen peroxide, refrigerants and cryogenics.
Minimum Operting Temperature1 -268°C (-450°F)
Maximum Operating Temperature1 +260°C (+500°F)
Maximum Pressure1 55 BAR (800 PSIG)
Flammability Will Not Burn.
Bacterial Growth Will Not Support.
Compressibility 25-45% (average) (ASTM F 36)
Recovery 30% (ASTM F 36)
Creep Relaxation 40% (ASTM F 36)
Tensile Strength (Across Grain) 13.8 N/mm² (ASTM D792)

1 Based on ANSI RF flanges at our preferred torque. When approaching maximum pressure, continuous operating temperature, minimum temperature or 50% of maximum PxT, consult Garlock Applications Engineering. Minimum temperature rating is conservative.

For more technical information on Blue Gylon 3505 Gasket Material, please refer to the Technical Data Sheet on the Media Tab.

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