Weicon W44T used to lubricate bike gearsThere wouldn't be many people on this planet who haven't come across a
can of WD-40 in their lifetime. People often say that "no shed or workshop
is complete without a trusty can of WD-40", and they're not wrong.
Theres no denying you are going to need it for something if only a few
times a year. But does it have to be WD-40? Why not try Weicon W44T?

What is Weicon W44T?

Just like WD-40, Weicon W44T is a specially formulated aerosol spray with an enormous number of applications. It can be used for everything from corrosion protection and lubrication, to displacing water, cleaning, degreasing and preserving machine parts. It is a truly universal product and can be deployed in an endless number of both domestic and industrial applications.

Some of the more common uses of W44T include:

  • Loosening seized or rusted fasteners including screws, bolts and nuts.
  • Penetrating and dissolving surface rust from metal parts and surfaces.
  • As a lubricant on hinges, gears, bearings, slides and other joints.
  • To dispel moisture from small crevices such as locks to prevent corrosion
  • As a cleaner on a range of surface types.
  • Protecting garden and workshop tools and preserving cutting surfaces.

You would be amazed however at the amount of other applications that it's useful for. Believe it or not, you can use it to remove small scratches in your cars paintwork, clean oil stains off your driveway, stop wasps from building nests and it can even be used as a weedkiller! If you know of an application you think we haven't heard of, we'd love to hear it in the comments below.

Different uses for W44T penetrating oil spray as a replacement for WD-40








So are there any differences at all?

In terms of performance, the two products are practically identical. Of course, the two products are made by different companies using different formulations so technical differences about. At the end of the day though, it's how a pentrating lubricant work that matters. Here, feedback from our customers has indicated that the vanilla-like odour emitted by W44T is more pleasant than the scent of WD-40, which may be of importance to people who intend to use it indoors or in poorly ventilated areas. Other than that, you can expect the same level of performance as a can of WD-40 and use it for all the same things.

Weicon W44T Penetrating Lubricant with adjustable nozzle for precise applicationWhat form does it come? And where do I get it?

Swift Supplies offer's W44T Spray in two packaging options. It is available in a standard 400ml
aerosol can, or we also offer it in a 500ml container with a multi-directional nozzle.
This gives you the option to switch between a standard style spray nozzle and a straw-style
nozzle that can be bent to allow for accurate and targeted application. Also because the straw is
permanantly attached, you won’t lose it!
So head over to the product page where you can find even more picture and information as
well as all the boring technical documents if you care to have a read.

WD-40 isn't food grade. Can I use W44T for sensitive applications?

The standard grade of W44T is not. However Weicon also manufacture a similar product called W44T Fluid which carries FDA approvals
and can be used in sensitive applications such as those found in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. If W44T Fluid is of
interest to you, find out more by contacting us.

W44T used to lubricate fridge door and microwave







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On 28 April 2018
Vanilla Scent or not, W44T as well as WD 40 should both only be used outdoors or in well ventilated areas.

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