A kitchen drawer in a caravan had broken off while driving as it wasn't secured with push locks.

Rather than replaced the unit, a repair was decided on.

In this short post, we explain how our Easy-Mix S50 Epoxy Adhesive was used to repair the furniture quickly and easily.

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Step 1: Cleaning.

The first step for any bonding job is cleaning the surfaces. You want as much glue as possible to reach the actual bonding surface and dirt, dust or debris will interfere with this.

For this job, it was a simple case of cleaning the areas with Cleaner S Spray.

Step 2: Gluing the Connectors.

Next the connectors were reattached. They had to be glued as they'd been ripped out when the drawer broke and the drill holes were completely frayed.

S50 Epoxy has good compatibility with most plastics and wood so it was used to create a good, strong join.

Step 3: Filling the Holes for New Screws.

For the smaller holes, it was decided to fill them so the latching mechanism could be screwed back on. Again, S50 Epoxy was used.

It was squirted directly into the holes and left to set. Once it's fully hardened, Easy-Mis S 50 is pretty hard and can be tapped or machined. In this case, it was screwed into.

1 - Frayed Hole Being Filled with Epoxy Adhesive Before Furniture Connector is Inserted  
2 - Plastic Connector Glued Back to Caravan Drawer with Epoxy Glue  
3 - Filling Worn Holes with Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy Adhesive  
4 - Screwing the Latch Back On After Filling Holes with Easy-Mis S 50 Epoxy  

Easy-Mix S50 Epoxy Cartridge

Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy Adhesive Key Feature Summary.

Fast Curing with a Short Pot Life  
Extremely High Adhesive Force  
Viscous, Self-Levelling Epoxy  
Compatible With Most Rigid Materials  
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