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If you search the internet for “loose car trims”, you’ll find thousands of posts by car owners who are at a loss.

Sometimes the car trim has just suddenly fallen off without a warning, sometimes it has become loose, but is still attached. In the example we discuss today, Weicon (our addhesive partners from Germany) were faced with a chromium-plated decorative trim had parted after a trip to the car wash.

The following explains how they went about fixing the rear bumper permanently with adhesives. 

Super-Tack Adhesive Sealant RangeStep 1 - Analyse the Materials being bonded.

In this example, the two surfaces are are made of automotive paint and chrome, both materials, which are not easy to bond.

This called for the use of a primer, also called bonding agent. But one step at a time. First of all, we need the right adhesive.

Step 2 - Find the right Adhesive.

If you want to bond car trims, not only do you need a high-strength, but also a weather-resistant and elastic adhesive.

Weicon decided on our Super-Tack Adhesive Sealant. This glue meets all the above-mentioned requirements and is ideal for the daily rough and tumble in road traffic. Moreover, in combination with the K200 Primer, the Super-Tack provides very good adhesive strength on the materials automotive paint and chrome.

Tip: It’s really imporant stick to the processing temperature of +5 to +35 °C. In temperatures below or above that range, the adhesive can’t build up its ideal strength. In temperatures above +35 °C, the curing time decreases siginificantly, in temperatures below +5 °C, the curing process takes much longer or doesn’t even take place at all.

Step 3 - Prepare and pre-treat the Surfaces.

Clean the Surfaces.

Cleaning the Surfaces Before BondingAs always when it comes to adhesive bonding, the first step is to clean the surface thoroughly. This was done with our Surface Cleaner Spray.

It was applied the cleaner to both the painted car surface to be bonded and the chrome-plated trim. Both surfaces were then wiped down with a clean cloth. This step is necessary not only for thorough cleaning, but also to remove adhesive residue.

Apply the Primer.

Prime the Surfaces before Bonding

Because of the challenges bonding these particular materials, a primer was used to ensure high bond strength and to keep the trim attached.

For this job, our Primer K 200 was selected. 

This primer is (of course) compatible with our Super-Tack Adhesive, at tt also serves as a reliable bonding agent and ensures ideal adhesion to the non-absorbent surfaces paint and chrome.

Tip:It’s best to apply our K 200 with a wool primer applicator. Shake the primer well before use and allow to flash off for at least ten minutes to make sure it can take full effect.

Step 4 - Apply the Adhesive and Reattach the Car Trim.

Applying the Adhesive and Reattaching the Car Trim

Here, Weicon applied the adhesive in S-shaped lines. That way it is spread evenly, when both parts are joined in the next step.

One of the big advantages of Super-Tack is its high inital strength. That means the trim can be attached straight to its former position on the car witminiut additional fixing.

After 24 hours, the adhesive is fully cured.

Summary: Which Materials Were Used for This Repair.

Products UsedBelow we list (and provide links to) all the Weicon products used for making this fix.

In addition to these, the gentlemen from Germany also used the following for this job so it'd be worth making sure you have them on hand before attempting anything similar:

  • Nitrile Gloves.
  • Cartridge Knife / Box Cutter.
  • Clean Cloths.

Super-Tack Adhesive Sealant

Super-Tack Adhesive Sealant

A very high strength adhesive sealant with an exceptionally high degree of initial adhesion. Super-Tack sticks very fast, works with most materials and surfaces and can be used to replace traditional fasteners for vertically aligned parts and surfaces.

Primer K200 250ml Can - 13550225

Primer K200

Designed for priming non-absorbent, lacquered and painted surfaces as well as plastics, metal and EPDM rubber. Used with Weicon MS Polymer Hybrid Adhesive Sealants and Urethane Glues and Sealants.

Surface Cleaner Spray 400ml Aerosol

Surface Cleaner

A versatile cleaner, Surface Cleaner Spray is perfect for preparing parts and surfaces before they are bonded, sealed or painted. It can be used on most types of material and evaporates without leaving behind any messy residues.

Primer Applicator Tool - 13955050

Primer Applicator

A simple, easy to use tool designed to make applying primers a little bit easier. Engineered by Weicon in Germany as a compliment to their range of primers for silicones, polyurethanes and MS polymer based adhesives.

Professional Grade Caulking Cartridge Gun Side Up View

Professional Caulking Cartridge Gun

A high quality caulking gun designed to make applying silicones, elastic adhesives and polyurethanes easier. This professional grade gun is made from hardened plastic and steel, is lightweight and very easy to use.