Welcome to our new website. We made the change of platforms for a couple of reasons with the overall goal of providing you with a faster, easier and generally better experience.

In this post, we’ll cover a couple of the new features available but first, the bad news. For returning customers we are sorry to say you’ll need to change your password.

Why do I Have to Change My Password?

It’s because to build the new website, we changed the software that powers it. There has not been any kind of security issue at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

While we could bring all your other details across to the new software (order history, address details, etc…) we simply couldn’t bring your password.

This is because the programs we use are set to prioritise security so even we can’t see your password (or any saved payment details). We can reset it for you, but we can’t see the one you use now. This made it impossible to bring them across for you.

We really do apologise for any inconvenience this causes. The good news is we don’t plan on making these kinds of changes too often (way too much work) so the one you set now will stay the same.

What Does the New Website Do Better?

We made this change to make our website easier to use. We really hope you find this to be true. Listed below are just some of the improvements we’ve focused on.

This is just the start though. We’re going to keep working to find ways to make things faster, simpler and more intuitive.

A Snapshot of Some of the Products in Swift Supplies' RangeSearch.

We focused on this because we know so many of you use it to quickly see if we have what you need or find items to buy again. Our new web search has a couple of new handy features built in…

  • It works with sizes. For example, if you’re chasing 12mm Thick Rubber Sheet you can type that straight in and the first few results will (should) be our 12mm Neoprene, NRI and EPDM Rubbers.
  • It suggests categories. A search for super glue will show all our super glue products, but it’ll also give you a link to the category itself where you can browse them all.
  • It includes our News and Guides. We continue to publish additional information about new products, specific applications and more in our News, Tips and Guides section. Our website search now includes these articles.

Product Presentation.

We’ve made a couple of small changes here based on some feedback.

The main change was to limit how many different pages each product might be on if they come in different sizes. For example, our Neoprene Sponge Tape comes in over 40 standard sizes. On our old site, these were each listed individually.

Now, they are listed according to thickness. If you need 3mm thick Sponge Tape, you can go straight to that page and see all the available widths in one place.

Other small changes included using tabs to make our descriptions a little shorter (Specifications, Resources and FAQs are on their own tabs now) and to make it easier to see what other, similar, products we have (there’s a couple of links at the top of the product pages.


Watching a website load isn’t a lot of fun. While we don’t really understand all the technical stuff that was done, we’ve been assured by our developer partners that the new site should be a bit faster for you.

We hope so.


This one was a little bit embarrassing. We tried everything and never could get our old site to make Tax Invoices easy for you to get for your previous orders.

We are happy to say this has been fixed. A tax invoice for any order is now available from the My Account screen. Just click on any of your previous orders and the invoice will be there.


Our old site always had the option to save things to a Wish List (our new one does too). But for those of you who need something more formal, you can now generate your own quotes online.

A full description of how to do so is included on our How to Shop with Swift page so we won’t rehash it here but bottom-line, it’s as simple as adding items to your cart and clicking Create Quote from Cart from the Checkout Page.

The quote will be saved in your account and can be approved from there.

Trading Accounts.

Again, these worked on our old site too, but we’ve made them better for our business customers who use them.

Your My Account screen will now display your Credit Limit and Available Credit.

Future Improvements to swiftsupplies.com.au

We’ve got a lot of ideas on how we can keep improving the experience for everyone and we’ll keep working to bring them to life.

You’ll see us keep expanding the range of products available online, the amount of additional information and tips provided and more. As always, if you do have any questions or need assistance with a product (hopefully not the site itself) please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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