Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (Black, 60 Duro)

A premium grade of Nitrile rubber sheeting. This rubber has excellent resistance to fuels and oils and is commonly used for making automotive gaskets and seals as well as gaskets for the marine sectors and seals for tanks and pipelines.

From $42.10

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White, FDA Compliant)

Designed for use in food grade applications, our Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White, FDA Compliant) is non-marking, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Used for all kinds of lining, sealing and protecting applications, it is available in a selection of sizes.

From $46.00

Nitrile Rubber Strip (Black, 60 Duro)

Black, solid Nitrile Rubber cut into easy to use strips. Available in a large selection of widths and numerous thicknesses. These rubber strips have excellent oil & fuel resistance and are available by the linear metre.

From $3.80