Nylon UV Resistant Cable Tie - 100mm Long x 2.5mm Wide, Black, Pack of 100

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  • 7+ years of endurance under the Australian sun
  • High quality, UL listed cable ties 
  • Strong, one-piece injection moulded construction from UV resistant Nylon 

Our Nylon UV Resistant Cable Ties are designed to last under the harsh Australian sun. These high strength cable ties are manufactured via one-piece injection moulding so there’s no weak points in their design. The material used for this is a special grade of Nylon that’s been tested to numerous standards and is designed to last over 7 years in Australian conditions. This means cables, leads or objects secured with these outdoor cable ties will stay where you want them, permanently.

Nylon UV Resistant Cable Ties are non-retardant in compliance with UL94V-2 and are halogen free. They withstand temperatures between -40°C and +85°C and are tough, strong, and resilient. These cable ties also have good resistance to bases, greases, oils, oil derivatives and chloride solvents as well as some limited resistance to acids. They do not withstand phenols.

All sizes have excellent strength and holding power but precise strength ratings do vary according to the individual tie size. More information on this is available on the specifciations tab. 


  • Securing and organising cables and leads outdoors
  • Securing poles and pipes
  • Fixing lights, sheds and hoses to the outside of sheds
  • Securing garden lights, fairy lights and party lights
  • Organising cables and extension leads for decks
  • Securing temporary outdoor light fixtures
Colours Black
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Max. Short-Term Temperature +110°C
Minimum Installation Temperature -10°C
Flammability Flame Retardant
Halogen Free Yes

Minimum Loop Tensile Strength

2.5mm Wide Ties 80N / 8kg
3.6mm Wide Ties 180N / 18kg
4.8mm Wide Ties 220N / 22kg
7.6mm Wide Ties 550N / 56kg

Minimum & Maximum Cable Tie Loop Diameters

Cable Tie Size Minimum Loop Maximum Loop
100mm x 2.5mm 3mm Ø 20.5mm Ø
150mm x 3.6mm 3mm Ø 36mm Ø
200mm x 4.8mm 3mm Ø 49.5mm Ø
300mm x 4.8mm 3mm Ø 81mm Ø
370mm x 4.8mm 6mm Ø 103.5mm Ø
370mm x 7.6mm 6mm Ø 105.5mm Ø
540mm x 7.6mm 6mm Ø 162mm Ø
SKU SWM000096B01

Are other colours available?

Not of this type, no.

Can they be loosened and reused?

No. Once they’re fastened they can’t be released. They can be further tightened though.