PetroGard Tape ST - 50mm Wide x 10 Metres Long

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  • High quality corrosion protection tape.
  • Manufactured from non-woven polyester and thoroughly impregnated and saturated with petrolatum compound.
  • Used above and below ground as well as on submerged pipes and fittings.
  • Very long lasting; service life of 30+ years.

PetroGard Tape ST is a high-quality corrosion protection tape. Used either independently, or as part of the wider PetroGard corrosion protection system, this tape is easy to work with and very effective.

PetroGard ST is manufactured using a non-woven polyester fabric carrier which is fully saturated and impregnated with a petrolatum compound, blended with inert fillers, corrosion inhibitors and spectrum biocide. It is made in accordance with AWWA (American Water Works Association) standard C217-04.

This quality corrosion protection tape offers excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and bacteria. It will not polymerise or oxidise. It is also non-hardening which allows it to accommodate substrate vibration and movement whilst still maintaining protection.

Available in a selection of widths, this tape is designed for use in environments between -10°C and +50°C. It is a very long-lasting product with a service life of 30+ years.

Applications for PetroGard Tape.

  • Corrosion protection for piping located above or below ground.
  • Protecting submerged pipes and fittings.
  • Corrosion protection for tie rods and starter bars.
  • As an isolation tape for roof sheeting.
Property Value Test Method
Thickness 1.4mm (average) AWWA C217-04 sec. (mod)
Tear Strength (Length) 35.8 N AS2001.2.8 (Elmendorf Grab)
Tear Strength (Width) 32.9 N AS2001.2.8 (Elmendorf Grab)
Break Strength (Length) 186 N AS2001.2.3.2 (Elmendorf Grab)
Break Strength (Width) 58.2 N AS2001.2.3.2 (Elmendorf Grab)
Service Temperature -10°C to +50°C  
Service Life 30 Years +  
Roll Length 10 Metres  
SKU SWM000209B01

Technical Data Sheet.

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