Polyester Film Sheet - 0.013mm (0.0005") Thick x 1000mm Wide, Per Metre

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  • Very economical form of thin plastic sheet that is tough, strong and very durable.
  • Available in a large range of thicknesses.
  • Most thicknesses are transparent (except 0.35mm / 0.014” which is Milky White) and all have excellent electrical properties and good heat resistance (up to 150°C).

A note about the Clarity of this Film.

While most thicknesses are considered transparent, they are not "Optically Clear". If you require optically clear polyester film please contact us, we do have some in select thicknesses and will assist whenever possible.

Applications for Polyester Film Sheet

  • The manufacture of insulating shims, gaskets and seals.
  • Main wall coil insulation for low to medium voltage electric motors.
  • The manufacture of general insulation components, strips and spacers for all kinds of electronic devices.
  • Economical plastic spacing shims.
  • As a cable insulation wrap.
  • Serving as a base film in metalizing applications.
  • As a sacrificial mould release film.
  • Making sails for model sail boats.
  • Various other applications that require a tough, strong, thin plastic sheet that will withstand temperature or provide electrical insulation.

Polyester Film Sheet is a versatile type of thin plastic sheet available by the metre. This product is most commonly used for electrical insulation applications though, thanks to its low price and outstanding physical attributes, it is also used in many other areas.

Our Polyester Film is available in 9 different thicknesses and can be supplied by the lineal metre. Roll width is 1000mm (1 metre) wide.

Though it is very thin, Polyester Film does have excellent strength characteristics and resists tearing and/or stretching. It also has very good thermal stability and withstands most common chemicals and media. It is a solid film that will not absorb moisture or fluids.

Polyester Film Sheet can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 150°C and has a melting point of 256°C. 

Roll Width 1000mm
Colour  Transparent (0.35mm / 0.014” is Milky White)
Thickness Tolerance ±10%
Continuous Operating Temperature 150°C
Melting Point 256°C (IEC 67-2)
Elongation At Break (0.25mm Tested) 80% (IEC 67-2)
Minimum Tensile Strength (0.25mm Tested) 150 MPa (IEC 67-2)
Maximum Shrinkage (0.25mm Tested) 3% (IEC 67-2)


SKU SWM000145B01

Is it flexible?

Yes, though the exact amount varies according to thickness with thinner grades being more flexible than the thicker styles. All thicknesses can be rolled, shaped and formed as required.

If I buy more than 1 metre will it be supplied in a continuous length or individual sheets?

We’ll supply the vast majority of orders in a single continuous length to give you as much freedom to cut and shape as possible. The only limit is if the quantity ordered exceeds roll length.