NP50 Electrical Grade, Neoprene Cork Sheet - 1.5mm x 250mm x 310mm

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  • Quality cork granules bound with Neoprene rubber.
  • Versatile cork sheet used in a variety of sealing, cushioning and electrical applications.
  • Extremely durable with good fuel, oil and heat resistance.

This is one of our small sized, cut sheets of this cork. We are also pleased to offer the same thicknesses in other sheet sizes, or the same sheet size in other thicknesses. We can also produce custom sheets, cut strips and gaskets upon request.

NP50 Electrical Grade Neoprene Cork Sheet is an industrial-grade cork, manufactured in Portugal. This cork sheet is produced using high quality cork granules that are bound with a Neoprene rubber binder. The result is a cork sheet that has very good flexibility, compatibility with a range of different fluids, and heat resistant.

NP50 has good electrical and mechanical properties and is often used for making gaskets, sealing strips and industrial seals. It has good compatibility with oil, fuel and water and is quite flexible with excellent conformability. This last feature is important as it allows NP50 Cork to be used to make gaskets that exhibit good conformability under medium levels of compression.

Because of this combination of features, NP50 Cork sheet is used in a wide range of industrial, marine, automotive and IY applications. Typically examples include gaskets for radiators, cable and junction boxes, oil gauges, valves and pumps. It is also widely used for sealing tank lids and the manufacture of low voltage and high voltage bushings for transformers.

NP50 Electrical Grade Cork Sheet is able to withstand temperatures between -30°C and 120°C. It is available from Swift Supplies in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Applications for NP50 Electrical Grade Neoprene Cork Sheet

  • Sealing strips for transformer casings.
  • Cork radiator gaskets.
  • Pump gaskets.
  • Valve gaskets and seals.
  • Bushings for transformers.
  • Cable and junction box seals.
  • Oil gauge seals and gaskets.
Colour Brown
Continuous Operating Temperature -30°C to 120°C
Binder Type Neoprene / Polychloroprene
Oil Resistant Yes
Fuel Resistant Yes
Hardness 70 Shore A (±10)
Tensile Strength 1.7 MPa (Minimum)
Density 825 kg/m³ (±9%)
Compressibility @ 2.76 N/mm² 75%

NP50 Electrical Grade Neoprene Cork is widely used for sealing a variety of oils and fuels as well as water and many other fluids. 

For more technical information please see our Technical Data Sheet on our NP50 Cork Sheet located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000107P01-Sml
Brand Amorim

Technical & Safety Data Sheet.

NP50 Electrical Grade Cork TDS Link        
NP50 Electrical Grade Cork TDS        

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Are other colours available?

Unfortunately, no. Since this is an industrial grade of cork sheet the manufacturer hasn’t looked at manufacturing Premium Cork Sheet in other colours.

Can you supply cut gaskets?

We can definitely arrange it. If you need a particular shape or sheet size not listed on our site just shoot us a quick email detailing what you’d like. We’ll come back to you with a price (or questions) as soon as possible.

Is adhesive backed available?

Yes, like cut sheets we can arrange it. It’s a special process done right here in Australia. Shoot us an email if you’re interested in this option but please do let us know what material you want the cork sheet to stick to (e.g. metal, type of plastic, etc). There are different types of adhesives that can be used and we want to make sure we pick the right one for you.