Cork Gasket Sheets

Industrial Cork Sheet (Rubber Bonded) TS1521

Industrial Cork Sheet is a compressible, flexible and highly effective grade of cork used for sealing and gaskets. Manufactured with an SBR binder, this grade is economical and very good at sealing oils in applications with low to medium bolt loads.

From $3.30

NP50 Electrical Grade Neoprene Cork Sheet

A high quality, industrial grade cork sheet made with a Neoprene rubber binder. NP50 Electrical Grade Neoprene Cork Sheet is compatible with oil, fuels and many other fluids and is ideal for making all kinds of seals and gaskets.

From $4.20

Premium Cork Sheet (Nitrile Bonded) TD1049 / ACN60

Premium Cork Sheet is a tough, strong and long lasting form of rubberised cork. This grade has controlled cork granules, a nitrile rubber binder and wide temperature resistance. It seals fuels and oils and is ideal for making gaskets.

From $8.08

TD1150 Transformer Grade Rubberised Cork

A specialised type of cork sheet with a very high percentage of Nitrile rubber. TD1150 is widely used for making cork transformer gaskets and seals, electrical bushings and more. It is available in a selection of thicknesses.

From $40.82