15NB Table D & E BS3063 Ring Face Gasket, 3mm Red Silicone Rubber

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  • High temperature resistant gaskets for BS 3063 Table D and Table E flanges.
  • Suitable for use with potable water.
  • Made from industrial-grade silicone rubber.
  • Cut to size in our Australian facilities to suit the precise requirements of BS 3063.

Silicone Rubber Gaskets are a popular choice for sealing flanges in applications with elevated temperatures.

This page lists our range of 3mm thick Red Silicone Gaskets to suit BS 3063 Table D and Table E flanges in the Ring Face configuration (without bolt holes). They are quality rubber gaskets, cut to size in Australia, with a maximum operating temperature of 260°C and a range of other performance benefits. 

Sealing Capabilities of Red Silicone Rubber Gaskets.

Our Red Silicone Rubber is a premium-quality, industrial grade Silicone Rubber Sheet with excellent sealing properties. This rubber has excellent temperature resistance, very good electrical insulation properties and wide-ranging chemical resistance. These, and other properties, are expanded on more below:

Food Grade and Potable Water Approved.

Washers, gaskets and seals cut from our Red Silicone Rubber inherit this materials food and potable water certification. Red Silicone Rubber Gaskets from Swift are made from food grade rubber which allow them to be used in sealing equipment that will have direct contact with food (as per FDA and EU standards) and for sealing potable (drinking) water (as per WRAS).

This rubber also carries certifications for several other applications which are detailed more on the attached technical data and over on the specifications tab.

Excellent Heat and Cold Temperature Resistance.

Seals made from our Red Silicone Rubber will withstand ongoing exposure to temperatures between -60°C and +230°C as well as short-term spikes to 250°C.

This is important as most other rubbers (Viton/FKM is the other exception) simply will become brittle and crack well before -50°C and will exhibit serious degradation before 160°C. Silicone doesn't and maintains excellent flexibility and sealing performance. An important attribute for high or low temperature seals.

Excellent Sealing Characteristics.

Silicone Gaskets are often selected because of this rubber excellent sealing performance. All the gaskets featured on this page are made from 60 Shore A Durometer Rubber sheet and have excellent compression, recovery and mechanical strength.

This results in flange gaskets which are very long lasting and offer reliable sealing performance.

Flange Gaskets to Suit BS 3063 Size Info.

This page lists ring types gaskets. This style of gasket is designed to sit inside the bolts of the flanges and is known by quite a few names, including:

  • RF Flange Gaskets.
  • IBC Gaskets (Inner Bolt Circle).
  • Raised Face Gaskets (as they are often used on raised face type flanges).
  • Ring Face Gaskets.

Theseg askets are all cut to suit BS 3063 Flanges in either Table D or Table E configurations (the two most common). In almost all pipe nominal bores (except 150NB, 200NB & 300NB) there’s no difference in gasket size between Table D or Table E (the gasket fits both) when using ring type gaskets.

For those where there is a difference, both Table D and Table E variations are offered separately.

Ring Face Flange Gaskets to suit BS 3063 Table D and Table E Size Info Table.

BS 3063 Table D Rubber Gaskets Sizing.

All Dimensions below are given in millimeters (mm).

Flange Nominal
Gasket ID Gasket OD Matches
15NB 1/2" 21 52 E
20NB 3/4" 27 59 E
25NB 1" 34 68 E
32NB 1 1/4" 43 73 E
40NB 1 1/2" 48 84 E
50NB 2" 60 97 E
65NB 2 1/2" 76 110 E
80NB 3" 89 129 E
90NB 3 1/2" 102 148 E
100NB 4" 114 160 E
125NB 5" 140 191 E
150NB 6" 168 216 -
200NB 8" 219 273 -
250NB 10" 273 333 E
300NB 12" 324 384 -
350NB 14" 381 444.5 E
400NB 16" 432 495 E
450NB 18" 483 559 E
500NB 20" 533 616 E
600NB 24" 635 728 E

BS 3063 Table E Rubber Gaskets Sizing.

All Dimensions below are given in millimeters (mm).

Flange Nominal
Gasket ID Gasket OD Matches
15NB 1/2" 21 52 D
20NB 3/4" 27 59 D
25NB 1" 34 68 D
32NB 1 1/4" 43 73 D
40NB 1 1/2" 48 84 D
50NB 2" 60 97 D
65NB 2 1/2" 76 110 D
80NB 3" 89 129 D
90NB 3 1/2" 102 148 D
100NB 4" 114 160 D
125NB 5" 140 191 D
150NB 6" 168 213 -
200NB 8" 219 270 -
250NB 10" 273 333 D
300NB 12" 324 381 -
350NB 14" 381 444.5 D
400NB 16" 432 495 D
450NB 18" 483 559 D
500NB 20" 533 616 D
600NB 24" 635 728 D
Colour Red
Insertion None
Hardness (ASTM D2240) 60 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature -60°C to +230°C
Short-Term Operating Temperature 250°C
Brittle Point -80°C
Elongation at Break (ASTM D412) 340%
Tear Strength (ASTM D624) 14.2 N / mm
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412) 1146 PSI
Potable Water WRAS Approved for Potable Water
at Temperatures up to 85°C
FDA Compliant As Per 21 CFR 177.2600
(Suitable for Direct Food Contact)
EC Food Safe Compliant with EC 1935/2004 
(Suitable for Direct Food Contact)
RoHS and REACh Both Fully Compliant
FMVSS 302 Meets Part 571 Flammability Test
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