Polyester Braided Rope - VB Cord - 2mm Diameter x 100 Metres Long

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  • Very strong with a plait braided construction.
  • Smooth, lightweight and easy to handle and knot.
  • UV stabilised for use outdoors with excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Industrial grade polyester cord.

Our Braided Polyester Rope (also known as VB Cord or venetian blind cord) is a lightweight, high strength rope with a whole range of uses. This cord is made from 100% polyester yarns that are plait braided into a tough, durable, yet highly flexible cord. It is very strong, has high energy absorption and is not affected by (nor will it absorb) water.

Polyester Cords & Ropes are often used in the marine industry, as cords for venetian and roman blinds and in a variety of areas within industry and around the house. They are chosen because of their generally economic price, excellent versatility and range of features. Some of which include:

High Strength.

Our Braided Polyester Cord has excellent strength. Like Nylon, Polyester Rope is a synthetic rope and both are about 250% stronger than natural alternatives like manila rope. Unlike Nylon rope, Polyester Cords and Rope are not affected by getting wet.

Diameter Construction Break Strength
2mm 8 Strand Plaited 145kg
3mm 8 Strand Plaited 250kg
4mm 8 Strand Plaited 410kg
5mm 8 Strand Plaited 500kg

Regardless of whether they are wet or dry, our Polyester Ropes have excellent strength and remain strong across a long service life.

Good Environmental Resistance.

One of the real benefits of Polyester Cords and Ropes are their ability to withstand attack from other media and influences. Polyester Rope has very good resistance to…

  • UV and Sunlight.
  • Most organic and mineral acids.
  • Oxidising agents.
  • Diluted Acids.
  • Salt and Fresh Water.
  • Rotting and mildew.
  • Abrasion, ripping or tearing.
  • Temperatures up to about 130°C.

Polyester is not great with concentrated sulphuric acid or hot or concentrated alkalis like caustic soda or ammonia.

Long Lasting.

In part due to its ability to withstand all the factors listed above, Polyester Ropes and Cords are very long lasting. They retain their strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance for a long time and are ideal for applications that need a rope that will last.

Easy to Handle and Work With.

Another one of the benefits of Polyester Rope is its ease of handling. It has good flexibility (though Nylon is slightly better here) and can be easily turned, knotted and twisted. Our Braided VB Cord also has a good, smooth finish which is easy on your hands.

Reasonable Electrical Properties.

Polyester fibre is a good electrical insulator with reasonable dielectric strength. For low to medium temperature electrical applications, this feature makes these cords a great choice for coil tying and banding.

Low Rates of Elongation and Stretch.

Our Braided Polyester Ropes have extremely low rates of elongation (approximately 30%). This does not change when the rope gets wet (unlike Nylon). This makes Polyester Rope a great choice for applications that need a tying cord that will not sag or stretch out over time. These include:

  • Hanging and securing shade cloths.
  • Awnings.
  • Flagpole rope.
  • Tent rope.
  • General, firm, tie-down requirements.

Applications for VB Cord / Braided Polyester Rope.

Our Braided Polyester Rope is a general-purpose, high quality rope that can be used in all kinds of applications around the home, boat or in heavy industry. Just some of the many applications we’ve seen for this cord include:

  • As a blind draw cord for venetian and roman blinds.
  • For docking lines for boats and ships.
  • Mast stays, flat halyards, slings & lifelines.
  • As a hoist rope.
  • As a tying cord and lashing rope for electric motors.
  • As a tent rope.
  • Running rigging and antenna lines.
  • For securing awnings and shade cloths.
  • As a rope on flagpoles.
  • As a general-purpose, low stretch rope in the construction industry.
Colour White
Length 100 Metre Rolls
Yarn Polyester / PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Softening Temperature 225°C (Approx.)
Melting Point 250°C (Approx.)
Specific Gravity 1.38
Elongation at Break 35% of 8 Strand Rope

Breaking Strength of Various Sizes of Polyester Rope.

Diameter Construction Break Strength 
2mm 8 Strand Plaited 145kg
3mm 8 Strand Plaited 250kg
4mm 8 Strand Plaited 410kg
5mm 8 Strand Plaited 500kg
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