Tadpole Tape - Fibreglass, Medium - 16mm Ø Bulb, 20mm Wide, 3mm Thick (Per Metre)

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  • Specialised heat insulation tape for sealing oven and furnace doors.
  • Made in Australia in our Sydney facilities.
  • Produced from premium quality fibreglass materials from the USA.
  • Able to withstand 500°C, durable and very long lasting.
  • Our most popular style of Tadpole Tape. Compressible enough to seal easily, strong enough to last, easy to install.

Tadpole Tape is a specialised hybrid product designed for sealing around oven, boiler and furnace doors and access-points. It consists of a bulb and tail which allows it to both seal and be affixed to the door frame.

The Tadpole Tape featured on this page is manufactured from Fibreglass Rope and Tape. Consequently, it offers the same insulation capabilities as those products. This means it can handle temperatures up to 538°C, has excellent physical strength, and is tough, durable and very long lasting.

Fibreglass Tadpole Tape with Firm Bulk Specifications.

Tape Used: Premium Grade, Heat Treated Thermoglass Fibreglass Tape. Highly flexible, extremely strong and able to withstand temperatures up to 540°C. Heat Treatment helps burn off any excess fibres and increasing ease of handling.

Bulb Material: Medium Density Fibreglass Braided Rope. Withstands temperatures to 538°C and exhibits excellent compressibility and recovery for good, long-term sealing performance.

Stitching Used: High temperature, high strength thread.

How to Measure Tadpole Tape.

If you’re replacing an existing oven door seal, measuring the old tape is step one in the replacement process. There are three measurements required, these are detailed in the figure on the right and expanded on a little below.

Bulb Diameter.

Measure the outside diameter of the old door seals bulb. This should include the tape portion that will fully surround the bulb.

Tail Width.

Measure from the edge of the tail to the beginning of the bulb. Do not measure the tail inclusive of the bulb. We utilise this method instead because it tends to lead to more accurate results that one that would include the (oftentimes soft and worn) bulb.

Measure the tail thickness.

This will oftentimes (though not always) be made up of two layers of tape. Measure the total thickness if this is the case.

How to Buy Fibreglass Tadpole Tape Online.

This page lists various sizes of our Tadpole Door Sealing Tape that we make with a 16mm diameter bulb. 

Our online store also has this same tape in a number of other bulb sizes, each available in a selection of widths. Links to each are included below.

We are proud to manufacture this quality, high temperature door sealing tape in-house. All the sizes listed on our site are our “standard” sizes. Customised options are also available. For information on these, please do contact us.

The tape listed here is quoted per lineal metre.

Maximum roll length for this style of tadpole tape is 30 metres (the maximum length of the rolls of fibreglass tape we use to make it). Wherever possible, we will supply your tape in a single, continuous length for maximum versatility. If you do require custom lengths, please do let us know and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

Other Styles of Tadpole Tape Available.

We also offer numerous other styles and configurations. Available options include ultra high-temperature configurations (made from Refrasil or Ceramic), tadpole tape with a silicone rubber bulb, silicone coated fibreglass tadpole tape and many, many more. For more information on any, please do contact us.

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