Zinc / Cold-Gal Sprays & Coatings

Galva Spray - 400ml

Professional-Grade Rust Protection. Our Galva Spray is made with a combination of high-purity Zinc and Aluminium and provides very long-lasting corrosion protection for all kinds of metal. Colour matched to hot dip galvanised metal.


Zinc Spray - Bright Grade - 400ml

A very high quality and long lasting form of corrosion protection. Zinc Spray Bright Grade is coloured to match new hot dip galvanised surfaces, can be used indoors and outdoors and protects all types of metal parts and surfaces.


Zinc Spray - Cold Galvanising Corrosion Protection - 400ml

Very high quality corrosion protection spray made with 99.9% pure Zinc Flakes. Zinc Spray adheres to all kinds of metal and creates a permanent protective layer that prevents rust and corrosion. Coloured to match the appearance of slightly-weathered zinc.