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Adhering Grease Extra Strong Spray - 400ml

A high-performance spray on grease lubricant. Adhering Grease Extra Strong can be used for underwater applications, provides excellent corrosion resistance, lubrication and protection against aggressive fluids.

Adhesive Spray - 500ml

Adhesive Spray is the fast, simple and easy way to bond large, lightweight surfaces and materials. This spray works with most types of surfaces and materials and makes permanent bonding, mounting and fixing simple.

Adhesive Spray Extra Strong - 500ml

The easy way to create strong, permanent bonds. Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is very easy to use and works with most types of materials and surfaces.

Adhesive Spray For Detachable Joints - 500ml

A fast-acting spray adhesive that allows for parts to be positioned after application. Our Adhesive Spray for Detachable Joints is transparent, does not discolour and can be used for temporary or permanent bonding. Ideal for crafts, DIY & professionals.

AL-F Food Grade Grease

Industrial-grade lubricant designed to meet the greasing needs of the Food & Beverage Industry. Al-F Food Grade Grease reduces friction and wear. This versatile grease can be used with many types of equipment and parts.
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AL-H Heat Resistant Grease

A high temperature lubricant for up to 160°C; our AL-H Grease is premium, NSF H1 Approved type of lubricant suitable for use in food and beverage applications in the manufacturing, marine, engineering and retail sectors.
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AL-M Grease

A long-life grease with MoS2. This lubricant has excellent adhesion and pressure resistance for highly effective, long-term lubrication of bearings, joints, levers, gears, shafts and more.
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AL-T Heat Resistant Grease

A high temperature lubricant for up to 190°C; our AL-T Heat Resistant Grease is a universal style lubricant with long lasting performance. Used on everything from bikes and ball bearings to guides, spindles, shafts, wire ropes, chains and more.
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AL-W Underwater Marine Grease

A specialised, industrial-grade lubricant designed specifically for marine, wet-area and underwater lubrication. AL-W Underwater Marine Grease can be used with most types of equipment & provides excellent corrosion protection & lubrication.
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All-Round Sealing Spray

A versatile spray on seal that seals all kinds of small cracks, holes, pitting and more. Fast, simple and easy to use, All-Round Sealing Spray can be painted, works with most materials and is highly weather-resistant.
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Alu Grinding Protection Spray - 400ml

A specialised spray used on all kinds of grinding and sanding abrasives. Alu Grinding Protection Spray prevents clogging and acts as a cooling lubricant on the abrasive to increase useful life by up to 350%.

Aluminium Minute Adhesive - 24ml

A strong, pasty glue made from epoxy filled with aluminium. This adhesive creates high strength bonds with excellent impact and peel strength. Especially suited for bonding, gap filling and repairs to Aluminium parts.

Aluminium Paint

A high quality, aluminium-grey anti-rust paint made with very high purity aluminium pigments. Weicon Aluminium Paint can be used on all kinds of metal and provides long lasting rust, corrosion and abrasion resistance.
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Aluminium Repair Stick

A putty for for quick and simple repairs to all kinds of metal surfaces, Aluminium Repair Sticks have a very fast pot life (4 min.) are aluminium-grey in colour and non-rusting. They are easy to shape, bond well to metals and more.
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Aluminium Spray A-100 - Abrasion Resistant - 400ml

A specialised spray designed to restore, coat and protect metal surfaces. Aluminium Spray A-100 is made with high purity aluminium pigments and creates a surface coating that not only looks good, but protects against corrosion and abrasion.

Aluminium Spray A-400 - Bright Grade - 400ml

Used to coat, enhance and protect all kinds of metal surfaces from corrosion. Aluminium Spray A-400 provides a bright surface finish and is ideal for restoration and coating work in the automotive, marine, DIY, hobby, HVAC and engineering sectors.

Anti Seize Assembly Paste

Our standard grade of Anti Seize. This paste is made from finely ground metallic compounds and a synthetic oil lubricant. It provides protection against wear, prevents seizure, protects against corrosion and is very long lasting.
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Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 - 400ml

A dry lubricant spray for highly stressed parts. Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 enables clean sliding lubrication and significantly reduces friction. It is suitable for use with a range of parts including sliding rails, conveyors belts, rollers and more.

Anti-Seize High Tech

A specialised Anti-Seize compound that is completely free of metal. Used for lubricating and protecting parts, it can withstand 1400°C, is NSF approved for food applications and provides quality, lasting performance.
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Anti-Spatter Spray - 400ml

An industrial-grade welding protection spray that is very effective. Anti-Spatter Spray stops welding spray from sticking to the welding nozzle or to surfaces around the target area. Once applied, it keeps you weld nozzle clean.

Aqua Repair Stick

An incredibly versatile repair putty. Aqua Repair Stick can be applied to wet surfaces or even underwater. It can be mixed and applied by hand and sets hard for permanent sealing, gap filling, bonding and patching.
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Aqua-Flex Underwater Adhesive Sealant

A special kind of adhesive sealant that can be applied to wet, damp or even submerged surfaces. Weicon Aqua-Flex Underwater Sealant and Adhesive bonds to most types of materials and is strong and long lasting. Available in three colours.
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AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray - 400ml

A professional-quality spray that combines lubrication, preservation, moisture displacement, rust prevention and cleaning powers into one. AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray is powerful, long lasting and very easy to use.

Automatic Cable and Wire Stripper No. 7 Magic

A professional grade cable stripper with incredible versatility. Automatically adjusting, our No. 7 Magic can be used with flexible, round cable between 0.5mm² and 16mm² cross section.

Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 F Flat Magic

An Automatic Cable Stripper that adjusts to the size of the wire. This professional quality stripping tool can be used with many types of multi-strand flat cables as well as numerous round cables and wires.

Automatic Wire Stripper No. 5

An automatic wire stripper that works with cables between 0.2mm² and 6mm². Our No. 5 is fast, simple and easy to use. Made in Germany from premium materials, this stripper can be adjusted to bare different lengths of conductor.

Bike Care Set - 13 Piece Maintenance Kit

The Weicon bicycle care set consists of a variety of products that allow you to clean, lubricate and care for all types of bikes quickly and gently.

Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Lubricant

A professional-quality cutting oil, Weicon Bio-Cut significantly reduces friction and enables superior cutting and finishing. Suitable for use in a variety of metal working applications and trusted around the world.
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Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Spray - 400ml

An easy to use, highly effective lubricant for sawing, drilling, punching, grinding and reaming tools. Bio-Cut Spray increases tool life, allows for higher cutting speeds, and assists with achieving high quality finishes.

Black Colour Paste - 250ml

Specialised colouring agent for urethane and epoxy resins. Manufactured from finely dispersed black colour pigments, our colouring paste gives a good, even colouring of the compound.