3M 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive - 475gm

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  • Specifically designed for bonding foams and fabrics.
  • Industrial grade adhesive with high bond strength.
  • Has a lace spray pattern that has been optimised for foam material bonding.
  • Fast, aggressive tack for quick assembly of high-stress bonds.

3M 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive has been specially engineered for bonding foams and fabrics. This adhesive spray is extremely fast tacking and creates soft bond lines.

It can be used to bond a wide variety of materials; though it is most often used for upholstery bonding, foam lamination, sticking foam / fabric to wood, or joining urethane or latex foams. It is not recommended for bonding vinyl.

This fast acting, permanent adhesive spray has a variety of features and benefits. These are explained in more detail below:

Fast acting spray adhesive.

3M Foam Fast Spray Adhesive 74 has an aggressive tack that ensures high initial grab with foam tearing strength. Though it is almost instant, it does still allow enough time to position materials properly before the bond is permanent. This is achieved (in part) due to the high solids content in this adhesive spray.

3M 74 Spray Adhesive has low-soak in which provides you with more time to position parts for the best fit. This attribute also leads to greater coverage per can as less adhesive is wasted by soaking into the material.

Finally, the high solids content of 3M 74 ensures that it will create soft, non-dimpling glue lines. Bonds made with 3M Foam Fast 74 are non-yellowing. This adhesive spray has a lace spray pattern which makes it ideal for bonding foams and various types of sponge.

Perfect for bonding foam and fabric.

3M™ Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive is capable of bonding foam and fabric onto a wide array of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood and much more. This spray adhesive has been proven to work well for projects both large and small.

Common Applications for 3M Foam Fast 74 Adhesive Spray.

This industrial-grade spray adhesive is most commonly used for bonding foams and sponges to themselves or other materials. It is widely used for upholstery manufacturing and repairs as well as numerous other applications in the home repair, DIY, craft, construction and manufacturing sectors.

Some specific applications include:

  • Foam lamination.
  • Installing acoustic foam panels.
  • Bonding flexible urethane foam.
  • Bonding latex foam.
  • Laminating or affixing rubberised foam and sponge.
  • Bonding fabrics and materials.
  • Attaching foam or material to wood, metal and (most) plastics.
SKU SWM000480B01V0001
Brand 3M

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