A Grade Engineering Felt - 1.6mm Thick x 500mm x 500mm

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  • ≥70% Wool, high density felt with excellent wear, abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Conformable and can be cut to precision shapes.
  • Long lasting performance in demanding applications.

This page has all our standard thicknesses of A Grade Industrial Felt in our cut, 500mm square sheets. We also offer the same thickness by the metre (1500mm Wide) and in a variety of cut strips (links to these are at the bottom of this page). 

A Grade Industrial Felt is a dense, tough and strong form of wool felt. It is designed for use in applications that demand ongoing physical strength over a long time. Despite its density, this felt sheet does have the compressibility you’re used to with felts and can be rolled, formed and shaped. It can also be cut with precision as it has excellent physical integrity.

Designed initially for heavy duty industrial applications, this premium grade of engineering felt sheet has found homes in many commercial and domestic applications thanks to its reliable, long term performance. Our A Grade Felt has a minimum wool content of 70%. Its density is 0.34 g/cm³ and it is used in temperatures up to 93°C. 

Thinner sizes can be cut with good quality scissors. For thicker, grades, we suggest using a stanley knife (aka, box cutter).

Applications for A Grade Industrial Felt

  • Bearing seals.
  • Polishing pads.
  • Lubricating wicks.
  • Marking nibs and ink rollers.
  • Air seals in clothes dryers and heating equipment.
  • Seals for brakes and clutches.
  • Gaskets and seals.
Colour White
Continuous Operating Temperature 93°C
Density 0.34 g/cm³
Minimum Wool Content 70%

For more technical information please see the Technical Data Sheet for our A Grade Industrial Felt located on the media tab.

SKU SWM000052P02
Brand Gaskaseal

How do I cut this felt?

Assuming you’re looking to avoid specialised tools, a plain old Stanley knife (aka box cutter) will do the trick. Make sure the blade is sharp and, for greater thicknesses, do multiple cuts of just a couple of millimetres each time. Thinner sheets can be cut with sharp scissors.

Is it itchy?

Generally, no. Of course we can’t speak for every skin and allergy type so we can’t say this unequivocally but we can say that we’ve never experienced any itchiness when cutting this material.

Are other colours available?

Not of this particular grade.