Aluminium Foil Coated Fibreglass Insulation Fabric - 1.6mm Thick x 1500mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • 1.6mm Thick Premium Fibreglass Cloth coated on one side with Aluminium Foil.
  • The foil naturally reflects heat and provides a solid barrier for sealing.
  • Excellent Heat Resistance. Withstands 260°C on the Aluminised Side (Cloth Handles 540°C).
  • Flexible & Strong. Made in the USA.
  • Excellent UV & Sunlight Resistance, Long Lasting and Resistant to Most Chemicals.

Our 1.6mm thick (0.065”) Aluminium Coated Fibreglass Cloth is an industrial grade heat insulation material. This flexible and easy to handle fabric is typically used for applications that require a solid heat resistant barrier to reflect heat and/or prevent fluid transfer.

This thermal fabric is manufactured in the USA to meet high standards. It is coated on one side with 1 Mil (0.0254mm) thick Aluminium Foil and is flexible, easy to work with and very durable.

High Heat Resistance.

This high temperature woven cloth can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures up to 260°C. This is the lowest of its temperature ratings as it is at this point that the adhesive used to affix the thin aluminium foil will begin to degrade.

At temperatures above 260°C (up to 540°C), the foil may begin to delaminate from the fibreglass fabric though both the glass and aluminium will remain intact. At temperatures above 540°C, the fibreglass fabric will no longer provide insulating performance.

Excellent Tensile Strength & Quality of Construction.

At Swift, we are proud to offer quality insulation fabrics made by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. This cloth is no exception.

Our Aluminium Coated Fibreglass Cloths are all manufactured by Amatex in the USA. With over 100 years in the insulation fabric manufacturing business, they continue to produce high quality, high temperature textiles that are known for their consistent performance, high quality and durability.

Our thin, 0.08mm Thick Aluminium Fibreglass Fabric has excellent mechanical properties. Some of which are summarised below.

Fabric Weight (Average) 1,495 gm/m² (± 10%)
Fabric Thickness 1.65mm (0.065") (± 5.0 mils)
Warp Strength 125 kg / 25.4mm 
Fill Strength 250 kg / 25.4mm 
Abrasion Resistance Medium

UV Resistant, Age Resistant and Compatible with most Chemicals & Fluids.

This high-quality coated fibreglass cloth is suitable for use in most environments and in conjunction with a wide range of chemicals, fluids and media. Some of the most common of these are summarised in the table below:

Base Fabric Fibreglass
Chemical Resistance Excellent (except for Hydrofluoric & hot phosphoric acid & wet hydrogen chloride)
Solvent Resistance Excellent
Sunlight & Ageing Resistance Excellent
Oil & Grease Resistance Excellent

In addition to those mentioned above, our Aluminium Foil Coated Fibreglass is resistant to almost all chemicals. Notable exceptions are hydrofluoric and hot phosphoric acid as well as wet hydrogen chloride.

Typical Applications for Aluminium Coated Glass Cloth.

Aluminium Coated Fibreglass is often used for applications that require a heat resistant, flexible material that can also serve as an impenetrable barrier to fluids and other media. Some of the more popular applications we see include:

  • High Temperature Protective Curtains for Equipment & Personnel.
  • Pipe Lagging and Wrapping.
  • The Manufacture of Expansion Joints.
  • High Temperature Flange Spray Shields.
  • Radiant Heat Shields.
  • As a Final, Outer Protective Layer for Multi-Layer Insulation Pads, Covers, Blankets and Components.

How to Buy Aluminium Coated Fibreglass Fabric Online.

We are pleased to offer this quality, 1.6mm thick insulation fabric by the lineal metre (1500mm wide). To purchase, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the number of metres you require and add this as the quantity.
  2. Add to cart.

Full rolls are 45.7 Metres (50 Yards) long. Any order for a quantity of less than this will be supplied in a single, continuous length (e.g. order 20 metres and we will supply 1 x 20 metre roll. Not 2 x 10).

We are also pleased to offer this high-quality insulation fabric in all kinds of cut & custom fabricated sizes. To enquire, please do contact us.

Base Fabric Fibreglass
Colour Aluminium Foil One Side, Tan Fibreglass Cloth on the other.
Fabric Weight (Average) 1,495 gm/m² (44 oz. / square yard) (± 10%)
Fabric Thickness 1.65mm (0.065") (± 5.0 mils)
Warp Strength 125 kg / 25.4mm (275 lbs/in.)
Fill Strength 250 kg / 25.4mm (114 lbs/in.)
Abrasion Resistance Medium
Temperature Tolerance 260°C. Up to 540°C (1,000°F) for applications that do not require Aluminium Foil
to remain laminated to the Fibreglass Fabric.
Chemical Resistance Excellent (except for Hydrofluoric & hot phosphoric acid & wet hydrogen chloride)
Solvent Resistance Excellent
Sunlight & Ageing Resistance Excellent
Oil & Grease Resistance Excellent
Roll Width 1524mm
Full Roll Length 45.7 Metres (50 Yards)


SKU SWM000434B01V0001
Model # G40P44-60-31AL3
Brand Amatex