Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth - 0.8mm x 914mm, Per Metre (AR100-48)

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  • Excellent insulating performance to 982°C
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Easy to work with and very long lasting

Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth is a premium grade thermal insulation material designed for demanding applications and very high temperatures. This thermal cloth is manufactured from silica fibre which is coated with a specialised abrasion resistant, orange-coloured coating.

Sometimes listed as Refrasil AR, Refrasil AR100, AR100-48 or AR100-96, this abrasion resistant version of Refrasil cloth will provide very good thermal insulation performance in temperatures as high as 982°C. As an added benefit, the base cloth will actually tolerate temperatures up to 1650°C before beginning to melt.

Available in two thicknesses, Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth is easy to fabricate and has good physical characteristics. It resists damage from scraping and dragging and does not tear easily. Like all the cloths in the Refrasil range, Refrasil AR Series is manufactured by Hitco in the USA and is of exceptional quality with very good reliability.

Because it’s made from Silica, Refrasil, as a general rule, does not present any of the itchiness and skin irritation commonly associated with fibreglass cloths.

Custom fabricated thermal insulation components made from this abrasion resistant silica cloth are also available upon request. 

Applications for Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth

  • High temperature welding screens and curtains
  • Heat shields for automotive applications
  • Thermal insulation for high traffic areas
  • Heat resistant mufflers and silencers
  • Stress relieving blankets
  • Pipe insulation
  • Pump insulation covers
  • Insulating seals and gaskets
  • Fireproof building insulation
Colour Orange
Thickness 0.8mm (AR100-48) & 1.5mm (AR100-96)
Abrasion Resistant Coating Thickness 0.05mm
Roll Width 914mm
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 982°C
Melting Point >1,650°C
Silica Content of Base Fibre 96% Minimum
SKU SWM000105B01
Brand SGL Carbon

Technical Data Sheet.

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Are other widths available?

Not as standard. Narrower material can be custom fabricated upon request. For applications that require wider cloth (than the standard 914mm) we suggest you contact us as we may be able to work out a custom fabricated solution.

Is this cloth adhesive backed?

No. Abrasion Resistant Refrasil Cloth is non-adhesive.