Bike Care Set - 13 Piece Maintenance Kit

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  • 13 Piece Kit for keeping your bike in running order.
  • High quality specialised products to clean, protect and lubricate your bike.
  • Suitable for all types of bicycles; including e-bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes, racing bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes, Dutch bikes and folding bikes.
  • Contains a special Bike Cleaner, Bike Drive Cleaner, Threadlocking, Assembly Paste, Care Spray PTFE, Bike Chain Oil, Pump Dispenser, sprocket brush, microfiber cloth, sponge, and disposable gloves.

Designed and engineered in Germany, our Bike Care Set is designed to keep you bike in pristine working condition. 

Each product has been selected to provide exceptional performance and can be used with all types of bikes. 

Our bicycle maintenance kit contains the following:

Bicycle Cleaner.

The Bike Cleaner removes dirt, degreases and is suitable for all surfaces made of metal, plastic, rubber, carbon, and aluminium.

With the cleaner, the bike can be completely cleaned - from handlebars to gears, frames, rims, spokes, pedals, saddle to the pannier rack.

The effective power-cleaner removes even stubborn dirt, such as oil, dried mud, dust, grease, and resin.

Multi-Foam Cleaning Spray.

The powerful foam cleaner removes stubborn dirt, such as insect residues, smudges and dirt layers even from painted surfaces. From the front light to handlebars, gears, frame, rims, spokes, pedals, saddle, mudguards and the tail light.

Multi-Foam can also be used to clean accessories such as the bicycle helmet, child seat, saddlebag or bicycle trailer and gently removes stains from textiles.

Bike Drive Cleaner Spray.

The efficient special cleaner is suitable for all-purpose use and cleans, degreases and evaporates without leaving residues. The spray removes dirt from bike chains, chain rings, sprockets, rear derailleur, rims, etc.

Thanks to the residue-free evaporation, it can also be used for the removal of dirt on brakes and brake surfaces.

Care Spray for Polishing.

With this care product, you can clean your bike and bring back its former shine! The spray serves as cleaner, corrosion protection, lubricant, and contact spray, all rolled into one product, and thanks to its special PTFE formula, it maintains all surfaces on your bike (e.g. frame, spokes, mudguard, etc.).

Bike Chain Oil.

Thanks to its special PTFE formula, the efficient Bike Chain Oil ensures your bike chain and other moving parts on your bike to run extremely smoothly. Ideal for lubrication as well as protection against dirt on the bike chain, sprocket, cassette, rear derailleur, and co. The white oil allows easy visual inspection of the lubricated areas. 

Anti-Seize High Tech for Screw Connnections.

Anti-Seize High-Tech serves as corrosion protection and high-performance assembly paste for extremely stressed screw connections on your bike. With the paste, screws can no longer seize up and pedals and quick-releases can be safely dismantled again if necessary.

Weiconlock AN 302-43 for Securing Screws.

With AN 302-43, you can secure all screw connections on your bicycle. Whether on cobblestones or downhill rides – your screws will not shake loose anymore!

Applicators and Accessories.

The kit also includes a pump dispenser for spraying the bike cleaner, a microfibre cloth, gloves, tyre lever and cleaning sponge.

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SKU SWM000560B01V0001
Model # 70890001
Brand Weicon