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Flit Plug Encapsulant Silicone - TSE 352

A high-quality silicone encapsulant for cables, electrical devices, potting of components and circuits and flit plug encapsulating. TSE 352 is available in 5.9kg (5.1L) kits.

RTV 100 Series Silicone Sealant

Professional grade, one-part, acetic cure silicones. The Momentive RTV 100 Series Silicone range are pasty silicone adhesive sealants that can be used for all kinds of sealing and bonding work, have a paste like consistency and are very long lasting.
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RTV 106 High Temperature Silicone - Red - 327gm

A professional-grade, high heat silicone adhesive sealant. RTV 106 withstands continuous exposure to 260°C and is FDA approved for food grade applications. It has a paste like consistency and is extremely durable and long-lasting.