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  • Low viscosity silicone with very good flow to thoroughly penetrate, insulate and encapsulate.
  • Cures at room temperature (in about 24 hours), remains flexible at temperatures between -54°C and +204°C.
  • Non-flammable, red coloured catalyst for added safety and ease of mixing.

Our TSE 352 Flit Plug Encapsulant is a specialised, two-part silicone rubber compound. It has been designed to be easy to use, highly reliable and very long lasting.

This high-quality silicone is widely used in the mining, electrical repair and manufacturing, electronics and engineering sectors. Trusted for decades, it has been certified in accordance with numerous standards, including:

  • AS 1147.1-1989, Part 1.
  • AS/NZS 60079.18:2005, Encapsulation ‘m’.
  • AS/NZS 60079.0.2005, General Requirements.

This quality 2-part silicone encapsulant provides several other benefits and features. Some of these are outlined below:

Low Viscosity for Easy, Consistent Application.

TSE 352 has been designed to have a low viscosity once it’s been mixed. This ensures that the silicone liquid can be poured easily and flow to penetrate small gaps and crevices. As a result, parts a thoroughly encapsulated and insulated which ensures a long service life and mechanical protection.

High Dielectric Properties and Electrical Insulation Performance.

As an insulation compound, TSE 352 has excellent electrical insulation properties. These are summarised in the table below:

Dielectric Strength 24 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant  3.6 @ 60Hz
Dielectric Loss 0.03 @ 60Hz

Excellent Environmental Resistance.

Cured TSE 352 can withstand continuous exposure to temperatures between -54°C and +204°C. It can also handle short-term spikes up to 260°C while remaining flexible and elastomeric in nature.

This silicone encapsulant reliably protects against dirt and dust and reduces the risk of arcing.

Remains Flexible and Can Be Cut Away If Required.

TSE 352 Flit Plug Silicone remains flexible after it has cured which allows it to absorb cable movement and provide continued protection and insulation.

Fully cured, TSE 352 will have a Shore Hardness of 39 Shore A and a maximum elongation rating of 170%. In applications where significant amounts of vibration or mechanical force are expected, this feature will ensure long lasting performance.

If access is required to the encapsulated parts, cured TSE 352 can be cut away and new encapsulant can be poured afterwards.

Safe and Easy to Use Encapsulating Silicone.

TSE 352 is available in kits. This two-part product consists of a 5.9kg steel can (Part A, TSE352) and a 120gm bottle of catalyst (Part B, CE62-R).

The non-flammable catalyst is red in colour which, after mixing it with Part A, changes the colour of the mixture. A good, solid, uniform pink colour indicates proper mixing while colour streaking suggests that further mixing of the two parts is required.

Applications for TSE 352 Flit Plug Encapsulant.

  • Flit Plug Encapsulating.
  • Flameproof Cable Connections.
  • Insulative Potting of Electronic Components and Circuits.
  • Encapsulation of Electrical and Electronic Components.
(Before Mixing)
Part A: Light Grey
Part B: Red
Mixing Ratio (by weight) 100 : 2
Viscosity (after mixing) @ 23°C 9.2 Pa.s
Pot Life @ 23°C 10 Minutes
Appearance (Once Mixed / Cured) Light Pink
Specific Gravity @ 23°C 1.18
Hardness 39 Shore A
Tensile Strength 1.6 MPa
Elongation 170%
Dielectric Strength 24 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant  3.6 @ 60Hz
Dielectric Loss 0.03 @ 60Hz
SKU SWM000453B01V0001
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