Copper Anti-Seize Paste - 30gm Pen

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  • Industrial grade lubricating, protecting and separating compound.
  • Easy to apply and very long lasting.
  • Excellent adhesion to most surface types.
  • Withstands a huge temperature range and available in a wide variety of sizes.

Weicon Copper Paste, a high-quality lubricating, protecting, and separating compound, offers effective solutions for various needs. This easy-to-apply, long-lasting paste excels in adhesion to most surfaces and handles extreme temperatures.

Our German-made Copper Anti-Seize is trusted worldwide in industries such as automotive and marine. It's ideal for brakes, bolts, nuts, battery terminals, and more. With a remarkable temperature range from -20°C to +1,100°C, it's versatile in many applications.

This highly corrosion-resistant paste, free from sulphur, lead, or nickel, delivers performance you can rely on.

Copper Paste adheres to most surface types and creates a lubricating and separating film between fitted or threaded parts to minimise wear, seizing or damage due to fretting corrosion. 

Typical Applications for Copper Anti Seize Paste

  • Vibration, friction and wear reduction on brake shoes and guides.
  • Lubricating and reducing friction on brake cams and pins.
  • Wheel bolts and nuts.
  • Battery terminals and electrical connections.
  • Hydraulics.
  • Electrical hammers and other tools with fast moving parts.
  • Plug in tools and threaded connections.
  • Compressed air equipment.
Colour Copper
Continuous Operating Temperature -20°C to +1,100°C
Base Oil Mineral Oil
Thickener Aluminium Complex Soap
Solid Lubricant Copper / Graphite
Worked Penetration 310 to 340 1/10mm (DIN ISO 2137)
Density 1.1 g/cm³
Class NLGI Class 1 Lubricant

For more technical information and instructions on our Copper Anti Seize Paste, please refer to the technical data sheet (located on the media tab with the relevant SDS)

SKU SWM000044B01
Brand Weicon