Pressurised Air Spray Can WSD 400

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  • Refillable spray can used with most kinds of cleaners, solvents, lubricants and other types of technical liquids.
  • Environmentally friendly option for dispensing cleaners and other types of liquids.
  • Made from premium grade aluminium for robust, long lasting performance.
  • Different spray nozzles and an adapter for refilling from compressed air systems are also available (and sold separately).

Our WSD 400 Pressurised Air Spray Can is a professional grade solution for the dispensing of many different kinds of technical liquids and fluids. Designed and engineered by Weicon in Germany, this tough dispensing tool is made from premium grade aluminium and is exceptionally long lasting.

WSD 400 can be filled with up to 400ml of liquid at a time and dispenses it in a steady, consistent stream. The compressed air powering this can also be refilled using our WSD 400 Adapter (sold separately) which allows you to connect to most compressed air hoses and systems.

This high quality pressurised air spray can has an optimum working pressure of 7.5 bar (full range is 5 – 10 bar). It’s explosion limit is far higher though (42 bar) which ensures worker safety.

For anyone working in workshops that need to spray different types of cleaners (e.g. brake cleaner, Cleaner S, Surface Cleaner), lubricants (W44T, Silicone, PTFE), solvents (gasket remover) or other types of technical liquids (e.g. leak detector, mould release agent, rust loosener); adding a WSD 400 to the toolbox can be a great solution.

Container Volume 0.6 Litres (600ml)
Maximum Filling Volume 0.4 Litres (400ml)
Maximum Working Pressure 5 - 10 bar (optimum is 7.5 bar)
Explosion Limit 42 bar
Deformation Pressure 26 - 27 bar
Container Materials Container and Spray Nozzle made of Aluminium


SKU SWM000166B01V0001
Model # 15811400
Brand Weicon

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