Industrial Grade Pump Up Spray Dispenser WPS 1500

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  • Refillable pump dispenser that is easy to use, reliable and extremely long lasting.
  • Easy to work pump, integrated security valve to eliminate over pressurisation and steady, uniform spray function for easy surface coverage.
  • Precise adjustment of the spray rate allows everything from highly directed streams to mist-like spraying.
  • Heavy duty Pump Dispenser made from non-breakable polyethylene and specially strengthened materials for the nozzle.

Our Industrial Grade Pump Up Spray Dispenser WPS 1500 is a refillable, professional-grade dispenser used with many different types of liquids. Engineered by Weicon in Germany, this premium grade product is ideal for reliable spray coverage and dispensing of many kinds of liquid lubricants, cleaners, solvents and coatings.

WPS 1500 is very easy to use. Simply fill the main chamber with the liquid (it can hold up to 1.3 litres) and pump the pumping rod at the top. There’s no danger of over pressurising the container as the WPS 1500 has an integrated security valve that opens automatically once the maximum pressure has been reached (4 bar).

Once it’s pressurised, activating the spray button will trigger a steady, uniform emission of the spray. This can be adjusted by turning the nozzle to allow you to dispense anything from a steady, focused stream to a light mist like spray.

Every single part of our Industrial Grade Pump Up Spray Dispenser has been engineered for maximum performance, reliability and service life. The main chamber is made from a heavy-duty, non-breakable grade of polyethylene while the spray nozzle, handle and moving parts are made from a combination of polypropylene, strengthened polyamide and stainless steel.

Container Volume 1.5 Litres (1500ml)
Maximum Filling Volume 1.3 Litres (1300ml)
Maximum Working Pressure 4 bar
Container Material Non-breakable polyethylene
Trigger, Pump and Nozzle Materials Combination of polypropylene, fibre optic strengthened
polyamide and stainless steel


SKU SWM000165B01V0001
Model # 15841500
Brand Weicon

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