Elmotherm Air Dry Liquid Varnish, Black, 20 Litres (VA63)

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  • High-quality air-dry varnish with outstanding electrical properties and temperature resistance.
  • Used to create a bright surface finish with good anti-tracking properties, water & chemical resistance.
  • Ideal impregnant for small transformers and coils where a rapid air-drying film is required.
  • Suitable for coating insulation board and mouldings and can be used for the conformal coating of printed circuit boards.

We are very pleased to stock Elmotherm Air Dry Liquid Varnish in a full range of sizes and colours. This high-quality electrical insulation varnish is based on solvented alkyd resin and has excellent electrical properties, good tank stability, anti-tracking properties and incorporates a user-friendly fungicide.

Widely used in the electrical repair and manufacturing industries, this industrial varnish is manufactured by Elantas in Europe. This page provides information on the liquid version of this varnish. For information on the spray version, please follow this link to the Elmotherm Air Dry Spray Varnish page.

The liquid version of Elmotherm 009-0008 is available in 5 colours: Red, Black, White, Grey & Clear. All have a thermal rating of 180°C and are UL listed under the Underwrites Laboratories OBOR2 File E151126(M).

Elmotherm 009-0008 has good chemical and water resistance and is compatible with most insulation systems. For more information on the technical attributes of this electrical air-dry varnish, please see the specifications tab and/or the Elmotherm 009-0008 Air Dry Varnish Technical Data Sheet.

Typical Applications for 009-0008 Air Dry Liquid Varnish.

  • Coating insulating boards.
  • Coating and touching up exposed metal on electric motors.
  • Insulating metal parts and protecting them from oxidation.
  • As an impregnant for small transformers and coils that require a air-drying film.
  • Conformal coating of printed circuit boards.
  • Coating mouldings and insulation components.

Please Note: Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish is not recommended for impregnating deep section windings.

Grade VA42 VA00 VA63 VA39 VA643
Colour Red Clear Black Grey White
Dyed / Pigmented Pigmented - Pigmented Pigmented Pigmented
Secs @ 21°C (BS3900 Pt 6 (1971))
130-150 95-130 130-150 130-150 130-150
Cure Characteristics (Minutes)
(minimum component time at temperature)
45-60 (20°C)
15-20 (80°C)
Cure Schedule 24 Hours @ 25°C or 30 Minutes @ 80°C
Gelation Time 1 hour @ 21°C
Specific Gravity 0.96 g/cm³
Thermal Rating 180°C
Resistance to Tracking
(Drops @ 200 Volts
IEC 60424-2 (1974))
131 145 128 153 78
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Brand Elantas