Electrical Coating Varnishes & Finishes

Elmotherm Air Dry Liquid Varnish 009-0008

High performance electrical varnish available in 5 different colours. This liquid version of Elmotherm 009-0008 combines excellent electrical properties, a high thermal rating and consistent, high performance. Available in 5L or 20L containers.

From $163.83

Elmotherm Air Dry Spray Varnish 009-008

High quality, high performance varnish for electrical work. Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish provides a consistent, bright surface finish, offers excellent electrical properties and is available in a selection of colours.

From $23.89

Glyptal 1201 Red Enamel

A high-performance enamel coating with excellent chemical, oil, abrasion, heat and moisture resistance. Used for coating engines, tanks, metal, motors and much, much more.

From $89.35