EPDM Rubber Strip 4.5mm Thick x 25mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Solid EPDM Rubber Strip made from Black, 60 Duro EPDM Rubber.
  • Industrial grade EPDM with good chemical resistance & exceptional UV resistance.
  • Available by the lineal metre.
  • Custom size rolls also available upon request.

EPDM Rubber Strips are precision slit, non-adhesive rolls or EPDM Rubber cut in our Australian facilities. The rubber strips offered on this page are all cut from our industrial-grade, solid EPDM Rubber Sheet (60 Duro). This grade is sulphur cured, has wide ranging chemical resistance, and outstanding UV resistance.

EPDM Rubber Strips are often used for industrial, commercial and domestic lining and sealing. Their combination of good UV resistance and sealing capacity has led to them often being used for roof & gutter sealing as well as in the marine industry.

EPDM Rubber also withstanding continued exposure to most alkalis and acids which makes it a good choice for sealing chemical containers and equipment like tanks, vents and ductwork.

Our EPDM Rubber Strips are able to handle hot water and even low temperature steam. They are rated for use in application where temperatures will be between -30°C and +120°C. They also have very good resistance to UV, sunlight and ozone which makes it ideal for long term outdoor environments. EPDM is also suitable for long term exposure to aquatic applications and will not deteriorate in fresh or saltwater.

For more information on Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Rubber, please consult our EPDM Technical Data Sheet or Rubber Chemical Compatibility Guide. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact us either. We’ll be happy to assist.

How to Buy EPDM Rubber Strips Online.

We are very pleased to offer our black, 60 Duro EPDM Rubber Strips by the metre so you can buy as little or as much as you need for your job. To buy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the thicknesses needed (links to our other standard thicknesses are provided at the bottom of this page).
  2. Decide on the number of metres required, enter this as your quantity.
  3. Proceed through the check-out.

Maximum length of any single roll is 10mtrs. If ordering more than 10 metres, we will supply in multiple rolls. E.g. Order 58mtrs and we will supply in 5 x 10Mtr Rolls + 1 x 8Mtr Roll.

Typical Applications for EPDM Rubber Strips.

  • Insulating strips and isolation barriers.
  • As a heat resistant skirting rubber.
  • Lining of pipes and tanks.
  • Underwater applications.
  • Protecting steel or other surfaces.
  • Weatherproof flashing and lining work.
  • Roof lining and sealing.
Colour Black
Insertion None
Polymer EPDM
Hardness 60 Shore A (+/- 5) Durometer
Continuous Operating Temperature -30°C to +120°C
Elongation at Break 400%
Tear Strength 45 N / mm
Specific Gravity 1.55
Tensile Strength 25kg/cm
Potable Water No
Food Grade No
Abrasion Resistance High
Hydrocarbon and Fuel Resistance Low
Tearing Resistance High
UV / Sunllight Resistance High
SKU SWM000184P01-4.5