Epoxy Rod w/ Fibreglass Reinforcement 8mm Diameter x 980mm Long

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  • Strong, solid epoxy glass rod that can be accurately machined and cut.
  • Very good electrical properties for insulating applications.
  • Good thermal resistance.
  • Economical form of rigid electrical insulation rod available in a huge range of sizes.

Produced from Epoxy Glass Laminate, our Epoxy Rod is a great choice for applications that require a high strength, dielectric material. These rods are available in a large selection of sizes and can be accurately machined or cut.

Our Epoxy Glass Rod is classified as a Class B electrical insulation material which means it can withstand continuous temperatures of 130°C.

Good Mechanical Properties.

Epoxy Glass Laminate is made by combining layer upon layer of fibreglass cloth with an epoxy resin. Once the resin sets, the result is a solid, rigid, strong material. Our Epoxy Glass Rod exhibits all these characteristics.

These high strength solid bars have a flexural strength of 2,461 kilograms of force per square centimetre and a minimum tensile strength of 200 kgf / cm². It can be accurately machined though we do suggest the use of diamond carbide tipped tools for the best results.

Dielectric Properties.

Our Epoxy Rods are most commonly used for making electrical insulators and parts where dielectric strength is required. In these applications, the good electrical properties of the material are critically important.

Swift’s Epoxy Rod has a breakdown voltage of 15 kV in transformer oil at 20° (parallel to laminate). More information on the electrical properties of these rods is included on our Epoxy Rod Technical Data Sheet.

Typical Applications for Epoxy Rod

Our Epoxy Rod is used by several specialised areas in the electrical and engineering sectors. Some of the more popular uses include:

  • The manufacture of electrical bushings.
  • Building structural parts for electronic devices.
  • Creating insulating blocks.
  • For making machine parts and gears.
  • As a rigid insulation material in transformers and electric motors.

How to Buy our Epoxy Rod Online.

Here at Swift, we are pleased to offer our Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy Rod in a range of different sizes. To buy online, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the length you need.
    Our online store features both full lengths (980mm long listed on this page) and cut lengths (490mm long).
  2. Find the Diameter you're looking for.
  3. Enter the quantity needed.
  4. Proceed through the check-out.

If at any point you encounter any issues, or simply have questions about the product, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

Colour Yellow (Natural Epoxy)
Flexural Strength 2,461 kgf / cm² (min.)
Tensile Strength 200 kgf / cm² (min.)
Compressive Strength 2,461 kgf / cm² (min.)
Density 1.7 gm/cm³
Temperature Class Class B
Maximum Operating Temperature 130°C (Continuous)
Short-Term Operating Temperature 150°C – 160°C.
Breakdown Voltage in
Transformer Oil @ 20°C
(±5°C, Parallel to Laminate)
15 kV
Water Absorption
6mm Ø 0.75% (max.)
13mm Ø 0.5% (max.)
25mm Ø 0.5% (max.)
>25mm Ø 0.5% (max.)
SKU SWM000295B01
Brand VoltaStop