Fabric Bakelite Rod 10mm Diameter x 500mm Long

SKU: SWM000068P01V0001
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  • High strength with excellent machinability
  • Good electrical insulation characteristics
  • Very economical

Fabric Bakelite Rod is a tough, strong and economical form of solid rod available in a selection of sizes. Made from phenolic resin reinforced with layers of woven cloth, this brown rod will handle temperatures up to 125°C. Bakelite Rod also has good electrical insulation characteristics and is widely used in low to medium voltage applications.

The number one reason people have and continue to choose Bakelite Rod is its combination of strength, insulation and low cost. It can be easily and accurately drilled, cut and machined to whatever shape is required.

This page lists our sizes of Bakelite Rods in cut, 500mm long lengths. Our online store also has this same material in longer, 1 metre lengths. A link to these is included below.

Applications for Bakelite Rod

  • Mechanical supports
  • Insulating washers and sleeves
  • Gears
  • Rollers
  • Saw guides
  • Pulleys
  • Conveyor wheels
  • Custom electrical insulation components
Colour Brown
Continuous Operating Temperature 125°C
Flexural Strength 103 MPa
Impact Strength 24.5 KJ/m²
Tensile Strength 63.8 MPa (Minimum)
SKU SWM000068P01
Brand VoltaStop

Are other colours available?

Not as standard unfortunately. We do know they can be produced but we are unable to offer them due to very high minimum order quantity (1000’s of metres) requirements.

How do I cut it?

Normal saw blades are able to work through it.

Can it be drilled?

Yes, Bakelite Rod can be drilled without fracturing the material. Normal drill bits should be ok to use.