Black Seal RTV Silicone for Oil & Grease - 85ml Tubes

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  • High temperature silicone adhesive and sealant
  • Excellent resistance to oil and greases
  • Versatile silicone adhesive with excellent adhesion and long lasting performance

Weicon Black Seal is a very high quality grade of RTV silicone sealant. This grade has been designed to make bonding and sealing easy. It offers extreme resistance to oil and grease coupled with high temperature resistance (280°C). This makes Black Seal ideal for use in automotive and marine engine applications as with an adhesive or sealant.

Weicon Black Seal is black in colour and available in three easy to use forms so you can choose what work’s best for you. It is free of solvents, pressure resistant and resistant ageing. Black seal is also extremely elastic once cured with an ultimate elongation of approximately 500%.

Applications for Black Seal Special Silicone

  • Sealing gearboxes
  • Sealing and bonding valve and casing covers
  • Oil sump sealing
  • Water pump sealing
  • Gear and axel sealing
  • Flange sealing 
  • Tank and container sealing and bonding
Colour Black
Basis Acetate Silicone (One Part)
Continuous Temperature Resistance -50°C to +280°C
Short-Term Temperature Resistance 300°C (2 Hour Maximum)
Skin Over Time 7 Minutes
Cure Speed 2-3mm in the first 24 hours
Shore Hardness 30 Shore A
Potable Water No
Food Applications No
Elongation At Break 500%
Maximum Depth 5mm
Maximum Width 25mm
Building Material Category Code B 2
IMPA Reference 81 52 84 (85ml Tube), 81 52 86 (310ml Cartridge)
ISSA Reference 75.634.24 (85ml Tube), 75.634.26 (310ml Cartridge)

For more technical details, use guidance and product details please see our Technical Data Sheet for our Black Seal Silicone (located on the media tab along with the SDS)

SKU SWM000057B01
Brand Weicon

How long will black seal take to cure?

This will vary depending on two groups of factors, 1) how thick the bead is and 2) the curing environment. Black Seal will cure at a rate or approximately 2-3mm per 24 hours (working in from the closest point in contact with the atmosphere) in 23°C and 50% relative humidity. Higher temperatures and/or humidity will accelerate this curing while lower temperatures will lengthen it.

Skin over time is just 7 minutes.

Can it be painted?

No. You will not be able to paint Black Seal.

Can it be used as a formed in place gasket?

Yes. In fact, Weicon Black Seal is very well suited for this application, particularly for engines. Often times these scenarios present a narrow flange width and very small bolts with little ability to exert a high compressive force which can make some gasket fibres difficult. Black Seal doesn’t have this problem and, thanks to its pasty nature, can be applied accurately around complex flange faces. Just be sure you prepare the bonding surfaces properly and that you’re ready to join soon after you apply black seal if you want adhesion to both flanges.