Gasket Maker RTV Silicone, Black - 310ml

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  • High temperature resistant gasket maker and adhesive sealant.
  • Permanently elastic for good, long-lasting seal performance.
  • Highly resistant to oil, grease, pressure and UV.
  • Pasty consistency makes it easy to apply accurately.

Gasket Maker is a special type of adhesive sealant manufactured by Weicon in Germany. Available in either Black or Red, this high-quality room-temperature vulcanising (RTV) adhesive cures at room temperature. It can be applied directly to the sealing face and will form a good, long-lasting seal once the two faces are joined.

This industrial-grade gasket making adhesive has several benefits. These include…

High Temperature Resistance.

Our Gasket Maker has very good resistance to temperature. Once it’s cured, it can handle continuous exposure to environments between -40°C and +280°C. It will also tolerate short-term spikes (anything up to 2 hours) up to +300°C.

Works with Most Flange Surface Types.

Gasket Maker bonds well to steel, aluminium, glass, ceramic and many other materials. It can struggle a bit with some types of low-surface energy plastics (e.g. HDPE). For these, the use of a primer to enable adhesion is suggested.

Permanently Elastic for Long Lasting Performance.

Gasket Maker remains permanently elastic once cured. This is particularly important for making good quality seals on joints likely to experience ongoing vibration or thermal shrinkage and expansion. As this occurs, less elastic adhesive seals may lose their bond and compromise joint integrity. Gasket Maker’s permanently elastic nature allows the bonds to be maintained.

Gasket Maker will have a maximum elongation of 500%. Depending on the colour (there’s some slight technical differences), cured Gasket Maker will have a Shore A hardness of 35 (Red) or 30 (Black).  Both colours have good pressure resistance and are ageing resistant.

Very Good Compatibility with Many Fluids.

Oil, grease, water and many other types of fluids are no problems for Gasket Maker. This quality gasket sealant has good compatibility with all of these as well as many more. A more comprehensive list of Gasket Maker’s chemical compatibility is included on our Gasket Maker Technical Data Sheet.

Applications for Weicon Gasket Maker.

Gasket Maker is typically used for sealing flanges and connections in situations where a conventional, cut gasket is either unavailable or cost prohibitive. It is also often used for urgent, unforseen breakdowns and repairs. Some common uses include:

  • Sealing of pumps and tanks in the automotive sector.
  • As a liquid gasket on boat motors and components.
  • For sealing industrial flanges and ducts.
  • Sealing compressors.
  • In the HVAC industry for urgent site repairs.
Colour Red Black
Basis One Part Acetate Silicone
Viscosity Pasty
Density 1.28 g/cm³ 1.06 g/cm³
Curing Method Interaction with Humidity (RTV)
Processing Temperature +5°C to +35°C
Curing Temperature & Conditions +5°C to +40°C &
30% to 95% Relative Humidity
Skin-Over Time 12 Minutes 7 Minutes
Cure Speed (first 24 hours) 2-3mm
Volume Change (DIN 52451) -1% -3%
Maximum Gap Fill Depth 5mm
Maximum Gap Will Width 25mm
Shore Hardness
(DIN 53504 / ASTM D 412)
35 Shore A 30 Shore A
Elongation at Break
(DIN 53504 / ASTM D412)
Tensile Strength of Sealant 2 N/mm²
Maximum Movement Capacity 15%
Temperature Resistance (Continuous) -50°C to +280°C
Temperature Resistance
(Short-Term, 2 Hour Max.)
Paintable (Liquid Paint) No
Building Material Category (DIN 4102) B 2
Min. Shelf Life (Stored at +5°C to +25°C) 12 Months


SKU SWM000282B01V0001
Model # 30101310
Brand Weicon

Technical & Safety Data Sheets.

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Gasket Maker TDS Gasket Maker SDS
Gasket Maker SDS

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