Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape - 0.05mm x 25mm x 91.4Mtrs

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  • Simple, easy to use heat shrink polyester film tape with a wide range of applications.
  • High compressive force ensures effective compression, shaping and consolidation.
  • Excellent release characteristics from a wide range of materials.
  • Available in two widths.

Our Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape is a specialised type of heat shrinkable tape made from semi-translucent polyester film. Once wrapped around an object and exposed to heat, this tape shrinks in the lengthwise direction. The compressive force imposed by the shrinking tape effectively compacts, consolidates and compresses underlying objects and materials.

Manufactured in the USA by Dunstone, this quality tape is used by numerous industries all around the world. It is thin, strong and very easy to use and available in two roll widths.

More information on the capabilities, common applications and properties of this heat shrink tape is included below:

Popular Applications for Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape.

Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape is widely used in the manufacturing, electrical repair and facilities management industries. Some of the more common applications we see include:

  • For compacting and compressing insulation on high voltage electric motor coils.
  • In the plastic moulding and machining industry for compacting and compressing composites.
  • For eliminating voids in part walls.
  • Smoothing corner radii on motor coils and composite structures.
  • Creating a high gloss, resin rich finish on mouldings and insulated parts.

Dunstone Heat Shrink Polyester Tape Shrink Force Characteristics.

One of the primary benefits of Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tapes is the degree of force they exert. In this case, shrink force is defined as the lengthwise contraction force generated by the tape when heated and fully restrained.

Our Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape shrinks in the lengthwise direction only (not across the roll). This tape will start to shrink at 65°C and reach maximum shrink force when temperatures reach 150°C. The practical temperature range is effectively between 90°C and 200°C. Outside this range, shrink force reduces considerably.

The standard 0.05mm thick tape featured on this page will shrink about 20% if unrestrained and if fully restrained will exert a shrink force of about 2500 PSI. Full shrink force will occur after 15 minutes at 150°C; this force is then maintained without relaxation during any baking and cooling periods.

In shrinking, the tape tends to shorten in length and become slightly wider. The thickness remains relatively unchanged.

Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape Compression Force Characteristics.

When wrapped around an object and heated, Hi-Shrink Tape will shrink until fully restrained by the object. Once fully restrained, the remaining shrink force maintains tension in the tape, which is then felt as a compression force by the underlying object. This compression force is then maintained without relaxation during any baking and cooling periods.

The compression force that can be achieved will vary according to several factors: -

Diameter of the object to be taped.

The smaller the diameter, the greater the compression force. And conversely, the larger the diameter, the lesser the compression force.

Number of layers of the tape applied.

Two layers of tape will exert twice the compression force as one layer; three layers, three times; etc.

Temperature to which tape is exposed.

The compression force drops off outside the range of 90°C to 200°C.

Compressibility of the object.

The more the object compresses before the tape is fully restrained from shrinking, the less force will be available to apply final pressure.

Heat Shrink Tape Application.

When Hi-Shrink Tape is wrapped around a part which is to be compressed, the tape may be applied in single or multiple layers, directly or over clamping forms. For instance; a part with a round section, such as a rod or a tube, can be taped directly; and uniform pressure will result during shrinking.

A part with a rectangular section, however, may require clamping forms; otherwise the tape may exert pressure mainly on the four corners. In other cases, a combination of directly applied tape, and tape over clamping forms or simple moulds may be most effective.

When wrapping a part, the tape should be applied reasonably tight. If the tape is wrapped too loosely, less shrink force is left for applying final pressure: For greater pressure, multiple layers of tape can be applied. In some cases, it may be desirable to shrink each layer with a heat gun to prevent wrinkles in the underlying layers.

When taping, the start end of the tape can be locked by one or two overlaps. The finish end can be secured, with adhesive tape. It may be practical to secure both the start and finish ends of the tape with a generous overlap of an adhesive tape which is compatible with the baking temperature to be used. Heat sealing to secure the ends is not practical, as the melted material is weak and brittle.

Hi-Shrink Tape, being a polyester, has excellent release characteristics from a wide range of materials. However, with any new application, tests should be run to determine the specific release characteristics of Hi-Shrink Tape from the compound or substance to be wrapped. In some cases, the tape may be removed easily while hot, but will stick when cold; in other cases, it may be necessary to remove the tape after a partial cure or set has taken place in the substance being moulded. Use of an appropriate release agent may be necessary to solve certain bonding problems.

Colour Clear / Transparent
Adhesive None
Widths 25mm & 50mm
Roll Length 91.4 Metres
Thickness 0.05mm
Cardboard Core ID 38mm
Shrinkage 20%
Shrink Direction Lengthwise
Shrinkage Starts At 65°C
Maximum Shrink Force Achieved After 15 Minutes at 150°C
Release Coated No


SKU SWM000500B01
Brand Dunstone

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