Adhesive Nomex Insulation Tape - 6mm Wide x 50 Metres Long

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  • High temperature electrical insulation tape.
  • Made with DuPont Nomex Paper coated on one side with an acrylic adhesive.
  • Suitable for use in applications up to 155°C (Class F) with UL recognised Flame Retardance.
  • Available in a large selection of widths, all cut to size in our Australian facilities.

Nomex Adhesive Insulation Tape is a high voltage electrical insulation tape for motor coils, transformers and as a primary insulation wrap. Made with genuine, DuPont® Nomex® this high quality tape has a variety of benefits:

Excellent Electrical Insulation Properties.

Adhesive Nomex Insulation Tape is made using 0.08mm thick Nomex paper which provides it with its excellent electrical strength. Dielectric breakdown is rated at 2.5kV.


This tape is manufactured from DuPont® Nomex® Aramid Insulation Paper that is coated on one side with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive sticks well to most surfaces and materials and exhibits good resistance to solvents.

Adhesion to steel is rated at 0.6kg to 1.5kg per 25mm and maximum elongation is just 5%. Total tape thickness is approximately 0.145mm.

Flame Retardant.

Our Nomex Adhesive Insulation Tape is UL Recognised as a flame-retardant insulation tape (UL 510) (reference number: OANZ2-E05292).

Applications for Adhesive Nomex Tape

This high voltage electrical insulation tape is typically used for the insulation of coils for electric motors or in dry type transformers. It is often used to secure surrounding insulation as well as bundling, coil wrapping, anchoring or secondary insulation work. Specific applications include:

  • The insulation of coils, armatures and dry type transformers.
  • As a heat protection barrier for electronic devices.
  • The insulation of battery electrodes.
  • Anchoring and securing other insulation parts (e.g. non-adhesive insulation tape).
  • As a secondary insulation layer.
  • Electrical applications that require thermal protection and flame resistance.
  • Protecting the edges of metal.

How to Buy Adhesive Nomex Tape Online.

We are pleased to offer this high quality electrical tape in a selection of widths (available to browse here). To buy directly from this page, simply follow the steps below:

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If the width you need isn’t listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. We slit all of these tapes ourselves and can product custom width rolls upon request.

Colour White
Adhesive Acrylic
Backing Material Nomex Aramid Paper
Backing Thickness 0.08mm
Total Tape Thickness 0.145mm
Continuous Operating Temperature 155°C (for electrical applications)
Dielectric Breakdown 2.5kV (minimum)
Elongation 5%
Adhesion to Steel 0.6 - 1.5 kg / 25mm
Unwind Force 150-600 g / 25mm
Tensile Strength 12 kg /25mm
Solvent Resistance 1.5 minutes.
Flammability 60 Seconds
UL File No. E50292
SKU SWM000288P01
Brand VoltaStop