Kevlar Aramid Insulation Tape - 3mm Thick x 25mm Wide (Per Metre)

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  • Lightweight, tough and very strong.
  • Withstands up to 340°C and has good heat insulation properties.
  • Precisely woven for exceptional consistency and long lasting performance.

Kevlar Aramid Fibre Tape is a tough, strong and flexible tape that withstands high temperatures and demanding physical conditions. Very similar to DuPont’s well known Kevlar® fabric, Aramid Fibre Tape resists abrasion, has high tensile strength and can handle temperatures up to 340°C. 

Swift’s Aramid Fibre Tape is manufactured from high purity aramid fibres using a precision controlled weaving method which means that you can rely on consistently high performance. In addition to its physical strength and temperature resistance, Aramid fibre is also able to tolerate a wide range of chemicals, is lightweight and easy to handle and can be tightly woven.

Applications for Aramid Tape.

  • Pipe and Hose Lagging in areas where high abrasion resistance is required
  • Making wicks for fire twirling equipment
  • Manufacture of high temperature gaskets and seals
  • Pump, Oven and Door sealing
  • Strapping and wrapping where high temperatures are expected

How to Buy Aramid Insulation Tapes Online.

This page lists our range of 3mm thick Aramid Tapes that are available by the metre.

Our online store also has this material in a various other thicknesses. It is also available in full, 30 metre long rolls for those of you who go through a bit more of the tape. Links to the other sizes and the per metre pages are included at the bottom of this page.

Colour Yellow
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature 340°C
Minimum Continuous Operating Temperature -46°C
Adhesive Backed No (Custom Orders are Possible)
Abrasion Resistance Excellent
Weight Loss at 340°C 2%
Chemical and Corrosion Resistance Good
Minimum Strength in Lengthwise Direction 318.2 kg’s (for 3mm thick tape).


SKU SWM000017P01-30
Brand HeatProtect

Technical Data Sheet.

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Aramid Fibre Tape TDS        

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Can I cut the Aramid tape myself?

Yes, though it will put up a bit of a fight. We find the best way to cut our Aramid Fibre Tape is with a sharp pair of scissors. Knives are a lot more work. Due to the toughness of the aramid and its inherent abrasion resistance cutting with a knife will be harder.

Does it fray when cut?

It can but it’s not too bad. Wrapping a little bit of sticky tape loosely around the tape and then cutting down the middle of that can help lock in any loose fibres produced by cutting. Of course, the sticky tape won’t do the same sort of temperature as the Aramid but by then it won’t matter as the Aramid tape will be in place.