Mounting personalised plates is just one example of how double sided mounting tape can be used to your advantage. The Weicon Ultra Strong Mounting Tape is extremely strong and durable, and it’s non-permanent, so you can remove it without damaging your car or the paint work on your plates if you change your mind later on, or want to sell the car with the plates still on. This tape is transparent, has great holding power and sticks to a variety of surfaces including plastic, glass and even painted metal. 

**Here are 5 Easy step to help you mount your personalised plates with ease -**

**Step One - Clean the Surface**

Using our Weicon Surface Cleaner Spray prep the surface of the vehicle by spraying the area and wiping clean with a microfibre cloth.Repate this step for the back of the plate.

This cleaner has been specially designed for the preparation of parts and surfaces that are to be bonded but its’ versatility enables it to be used for many more applications. It is a colourless / transparent cleaner that lets off a slight, solvent-like smell when used.

**Step Two - Measure and Mark**

Measure the space on the vehicle where you want to mount your plate. Measure and mark the centre of the plate, Now do the same on the vehicle where you would like the plate to be mounted. This will ensure the plates are straight and centered on the vehicle. Next use a marker to make a small dot beside the corners of the plate this will help in the mounting process.

**Step Three - Apply the Tape to the Plate**

The next step is to apply the tape. Cut a piece of the Ultra Strong Mounting Tape about three inches long (depending on the size of your number plate). Place the tape in evenly spaced verticle lines along the back of the plate. Once that is completed, apply pressure to the tape to ensure adhesion.


**Step Four - Hang the Plate**

Finally, remove the red backing from the Mounting Tape and line your plate up with the markings on the car and the plate (HOT TIP  - don't get too close to the vehicle until the plate is lined up). Now, slowly place your plate in the centre of the markings and press firmly. A quick spray with the weicon surface cleaner and Voilà!

**Step Five - Admire Your Work!**


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Weicon Surface Cleaner Spray Key Features.


Colourless (Clear)  
Solvent Smell  
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Weicon Ultra Strong Mounting Tape Key Features.

Temperature Resistance -40°C to +120°C  
Load Bearing Capacity 80kg / Metre  
19mm Wide  
 0.5mm Thick and 3 metres long
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